Sleeping Habits

~Before you start reading you must know this story is of my own made up imagination. There is no truth to it, at all, and the people in the story aren’t real. I made them up one night sitting at my computer writing. This story contains the erotic and sexual nature of a father and his daughter and contains incestuous tones all throughout the story. There are more parts coming. If it doesn’t upset you to read this and you can draw the line and see it’s FANTASY then please enjoy and don’t hesitate to comment! Also all characters in this story are of legal age, 18 and older, no exceptions. I don’t write kiddy porn, so if that’s what you’re looking for move it along.~


At first I thought it was a dream, it couldn’t be real. I felt lips around my nipples and opened my eyes to see that Daddy was sucking hungrily at them. His hand kneading my left breast while his lips attacked my right nipple, pulling a whimper from my lips; I was lying on my back; this had to be a dream. I’d fallen asleep with my head on Daddy’s chest, curled up against him. Daddy’s hand fell between my legs pushing my thighs apart and I felt his fingers against my dripping sex.


“Oh Daddy,” I half whispered, half moaned.

He stopped touching me, his mouth leaving my nipples. Quickly I shut my eyes and pretended to be asleep. Oh my god, I though, I’m not dreaming… this is really happening. Apparently Daddy was content with the fact that I was asleep and his lips again found their prize. This time they nipped at my nipples, sucking harder into his mouth, pulling yet another moan from my lips. I decided to keep pretending to be asleep to see how far Daddy would actually go. He started to rub against me, his very hard cock pushing against the side of my leg. I could feel its hardness even with my eyes closed and I wondered what Daddy would do next. He however, was quite content humping against my leg while his mouth and hands mauled my chest. My nipples grew harder by the second, making my thighs slick with my own juices.


Slowly Daddy’s hand roamed back down my body to my slick slit. Pulling away from my chest he marveled at the wetness he could see between my legs. The light of the moon filling the room, giving him just enough light to see what he wanted. I could see him licking his lips as he watched my pussy, his fingers slipping between my lips, teasing my little pussy and my clit. I shivered a bit feeling Daddy’s fingers against me, and this apparently made him a bit bolder in his actions.


Daddy slowly rolled me onto my side, away from him, his cock pushing between my thighs against my pussy. His hands again found my breasts. I thought quickly to myself, oh god last night he wasn’t sleeping! He knew too well what he was doing, and here he was doing it again. I shivered again feeling his cock pushing against my pussy, something no one had done. Slowly he started to kiss the back of my neck and nibble on my ears pulling whimpers and moans from my lips.


“It’s okay baby,” he whispered. “Daddy’s sorry Princess, but I just can’t take it…. You’re so beautiful…. So beautiful…” he moaned as he pushed into me. It was turning me on more making me want to roll over and let him have the innocence I protected so well from any boy trying to take it. “Yes Kat give Daddy that pussy,” he growled in my ear, my thighs tightening around his thrusting and quivering cock. I knew Daddy was going to cum soon. “Have my baby Princess,” he started to moan more and more “God this is amazing, I love you Kat, stay with Daddy, don’t ever leave… Oh Princess I’m cumming…” He grunted and I felt his cum splashing against my thighs and pussy. His hands grabbed harder at my tits, pulling on my nipples.


“Oh Daddy” I sighed contently as he kissed the back of my neck. I think he still thought I was sleeping at this point. He just held me tighter in his arms, his seed splashed all over me. I laid there hearing his heart still beating fast as he fell asleep. Once I was sure he was indeed sleeping my hand went to my pussy and thighs. I found his sticky seed and started to scoop it up, needing to taste my Daddy. Taste him I did too; he was sweet and tasted so good. Once I’d cleaned myself off and swallowed all of his cum I fingered myself, my juices leaking down onto his cock, breathing life into it once again. I felt it stiffen against me and I couldn’t resist any longer.


Carefully, as not to wake Daddy, I slid his cock between my lips. Not up into me, but between them, hugging them with my pussy lips. I moved my hips against him as his erection started to rub my clit. His hands again found my tits, pulling on my nipples, kneading them as we thrust against one another. Still sleeping he made me feel amazing, again that night. Cumming hard between my pussy lips, giving me a prize that I now knew he wanted me to have all the time, all along even. I fell asleep in Daddy’s arms, his cock still between my lips, his hands on my chest. He held his little girl, his prize, his woman, and soon to be his lover.




  1. Sarah Beth Said:

    damn I love this story sooooo much, I want more!!

    • Snow Said:

      There’s more parts coming… they’ll all be posted soon enough. I’m glad you enjoy the story…. keep checking back *insert evil smile here*

      • Sarah Beth Said:

        \o/ *does happy dance* I still wish you’d tell me what’s gonna happen ahead of time though 😛

      • Snow Said:

        well now that just ruins it… everyone will know in due time… *giggles*

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