Thibodaux, Louisiana

So I’m sitting here reading the paper this afternoon, between writing and my daughter napping, and something caught my eye. It made me literally puke just a bit in my mouth and want to find this monster of a human and do things that medieval torture performers never even thought of. In Thibodaux, Louisiana a 30 year old man, Jeremiah Wright killed and dismembered his 7 year old disabled son, Jori. Apparently Jori had cerebral palsy and heart problems, needed a feeding tube, was in a wheelchair and needed pretty much constant care. According to the article in the paper when asked what possible motive he had in his actions, Jeremiah told the police “he was to the point where he was tired of taking care of the boy”. Jori’s mother in all of this may not be entirely innocent either. There are a few statements saying she often left Jeremiah to care for Jori even when she wasn’t working. My question however, is how in the hell do you let something like this happen? Jori’s father Jeremiah has admitted that he killed and dismembered his son, even going so far as to put Jori’s head near the street so the mother would see it. His reasoning for this you ask? I quote from officer Silverii “He said when he put his head out by the side of the road it was so the mother would see it when she came by” and his only elaboration on that was “just that he wanted her to feel stupid when she saw the head”. Jeremiah aka Jerry was booked with first-degree murder and held Monday in lieu of $5 million bond. Apparently Jori was decapitated and dismembered over the kitchen sink. His feet and one hand were cut off along with his head, all of which were recovered in several white plastic bags along with his body.


I know that taking care of a child with special needs can’t be easy. I don’t claim to know the experience of having to deal with something like that. I do know that even with my child it seems overwhelming at times. However this was cold and horrific, this is something that no person let alone a child should have to go through. I keep wondering if you couldn’t see yourself getting more and more upset on a daily basis. Some kind of signs that maybe something’s not alright and you yourself should seek help or talk to someone. How do you rationalize killing your own child in such a way that brings pretty much everyone around you to tears? To kill your child is something disgusting and fucked up to begin with, but to decapitate and dismember your child as well?


The parent in me is enraged at this. I want to know why, I want to demand answers. There is NO rational explanation for this by any means. How is Jori’s family to get closure over this? Above all though, how can you possibly live with yourself after doing something this…? I can’t even find a word for it. The mother in me wants to go to Thibodaux and make Jerry beg for his life, to torture him, and put him through pain that he never thought possible. If you can seriously harm a child you should be tortured in my mind. However, there’s a logical part of me that wants to know why. Why or how he could possibly do something so horrendous. Part of me wants to sit down and talk to him and try to see it from his point of view, though I seriously doubt that would ever be possible. There are so many other options. While they’re not really the best a parent is supposed to put what’s right for their child first. There were so many other ways this could have happened and it’s really sad to know that it had to end this way. I didn’t know Jori, or his family, and I never will. I’m just a woman that read the paper and read about what happened to him, but I’m so sad at this news.


While this has nothing to do with me I keep wondering even as I’m writing what the hell this world is coming to. What happened to the days where things were simple and seemed to be alright at the end of the day? What happened to the time when things like this rarely made the paper? When things made sense and while it wasn’t always easy it was a decent life? To anyone reading this that happens to be related to Jori, I am so sorry for your loss. I could never imagine having to go through something this horrible. My thoughts and prayers are with you, and I hope somehow you can pick up what’s left of life and remember Jori for the boy that I’m sure he was.


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