The Morning After

I wondered for a moment if it had all been a dream that is until I felt Daddy against me. His arms still wrapped around me tightly, and looking down at him realizing his cock was growing. I wanted to make Daddy feel as good as he had made me feel the night before, but I wasn’t ready to give him my virginity yet. Instead I kissed his lips softly before slipping my way down his side, planting light kisses along the way.


I kissed the head of Daddy’s cock and it jumped to full attention. It had to be nine inches long, and thick, fat, probably a good two or three inches around. My nails found his balls and softly I teased them, tickling them and smiling to myself as I watched them move in their smooth sack. I kissed the top of Daddy’s cock again then slowly licked my way around it. My eyes stayed on his face, waiting for him to wake up, but he remained asleep. Quickly I sucked Daddy into my mouth, taking as much as I could, about half to my surprise, then purred against his now totally erect member.

“Christ,” he moaned, his hips bucking up against my face. “Good morning Princess…” he moaned again his eyes locked on mine.


I didn’t say a word; instead I kept trying to get more and more of Daddy’s cock in my mouth. My eyes stayed locked with his as he watched his little girl swallowing his meat. He started to pant, buck up against me, pushing more of him into my mouth. I whimpered around him still playing with his balls, one of my nails finding a spot under his balls that made his whole body putty in my hands. I sucked harder, faster, my head bobbing up and down his shaft. Daddy’s fingers tangled up in my hair as he started to thrust faster and harder, deeper into my mouth and throat. I started to swallow around him and he lost it. His cock started to spasm and jerk violently inside my mouth and throat, unloading strand after strand of cum. I greedily swallowed around him, my throat tightening around his cock, swallowing my prize. My eyes still never left his, I took pride in watching him watching me. Finally he collapsed back on the bed, gasping for air. I giggled licking his cock gently, cleaning it off as he’d done me the night before.


“Oh fuck Princess… are you trying to kill me?” He laughed kissing me greedily. His tongue slipped into my mouth and I moaned into his kiss.

“Good morning Daddy…” I giggled.

“With a morning like that I might never want to leave this bed sweet heart.” He gasped holding me close to him.


Daddy and I took a shower that morning, touching and giggling like young teens, teens that had found that one person they really loved through tons and tons of interaction with others. He bathed me and I again remembered why I was his, and why I’d never want to go anywhere else again. Daddy even taught me something with the shower head, the hot water on my clit making me cum a few times while he latched onto my nipples. Around noon we finally got ourselves dressed and ready for our day, whatever that day might be.


“Daddy… I want to go back to that little market for a little while today then do some real shopping and then maybe the beach before dinner.” I gave Daddy my best little doe-eyed look, biting my lower lip.

“Of course baby, but don’t do that or I’ll need to fuck you” he grinned kissing me. “Are you hungry?”

“Hungry” I laughed looking at Daddy. “I’ve had a very yummy breakfast this morning…”

“Food honey, food” he laughed back putting his arm around me.


I nodded feeling my tummy growl at me, I was actually getting hungry. Daddy and I went to a little café we’d found out about in our time in Rome. It was actually one of the best places we’d been to. Just a small café owned by an older woman, the staff being her family, literally they were all her family, but she was the only cook. Her food was so yummy that Daddy and I ate there every chance we got. Daddy and I were growing fond of our morning cappuccinos; something we learned was every Italian’s breakfast drink. This morning we decided on spiced iced cappuccino, mini frittatas and sweet hazelnut cinnamon rolls, and we grabbed a table. Most Italians, we noticed, eat on the go in the mornings, but Daddy and I liked to sit down and watch everyone passing by. I loved watching the men that would pass turn their heads to look at me, and I think Daddy loved it with the way our relationship had changed yet again.


After Daddy and I finished our late breakfast more like a brunch we headed out into the city for another wonderful day. Since we had decided to go to the beach as well I wore a pair of shorts and my bikini top around town with one of Daddy’s button down shirts over it. Daddy said I looked like a movie star walking around. Today while we were shopping though I tried to keep Daddy at arm’s length, while I loved the way he held me, no matter where we were, his birthday was in three days. I wanted to get Daddy something amazing, and with what all he’d done for my birthday I wanted to make sure he felt loved for his birthday too, the perfect present was in my mind I just had to find it.


At the little market I kept an eye on Daddy closely. Looking to see the little things he was looking over, keeping my eye out to see the perfect gift for Daddy. While there were some very nice things though it wasn’t until Daddy said he’d be back in a second and to stay put that I found something. There was a little old man selling some nicer things for men. I walked closer to his tent and smiled warmly at him. We chatted a little back and forth, in Italian of course, as I looked over his wares.


“Hello Ma’am,” he smiled at me with old eyes.

“Good afternoon Sir,” I smiled back still looking at all the things in front of me.

“Are you looking for something specific?”

“Something for my…” I paused a second then smiled, “my husband’s birthday is in three days… I wanted to get him something nice.”

The old man handed me a small jewelry box and smiled. “Any husband would be thankful for these.”

Opening the box I saw a small gold pair of cuff links. “They’re beautiful” I gasped. There was a diamond on the front of them and a heart on the underside that would lie against the wrist.

“Real gold too Ma’am,” he smiled as I looked at them closely.

“Chris would love these…” I looked up at him wondering how much.

“Three hundred Euros and they’re all yours.”

I handed him three hundred and fifty Euros and smiled as he put them into a bag then offered me change.

“No Sir, please keep it as my thank you…” However the old man insisted that he couldn’t accept such a large gift from a beautiful woman. He showed me a small set of earrings and insisted I take them as well for my generosity. A small almost ribbon like platinum strand with diamonds at the tops and emeralds hanging at the bottoms, the man said he’d made them himself and I wondered if he was telling the truth. They looked amazing and I nodded as he slipped them into the bag as well. I thanked him and went back to where Daddy had told me to stay.


“Where were you” Daddy looked at me when he saw me walking toward him.

“Sorry Daddy,” I kissed his lips softly. “I saw this little tent and wanted to take a peek.”

“Found something nice I hope?” He laughed looking at the bag.

“Yep, I’ll show you later.”


We decided then to head to a few of the boutiques and larger stores in Rome. A proper shopping experience and one that I wanted to take a good chance at to find more gifts for Daddy. Arm in arm we headed back to the hotel to get rid of the things we’d already gotten at the little market and grab a ride deeper into the city where there were amazing shops that Daddy of course said we should see.


Most of the shops were higher priced like the ones I was used to shopping in, though there were some others scattered around, little shops, probably all privately made without some huge designer’s name on them. I was thrilled to get the experience. Daddy and I went to a dress shop and a lingerie shop first and bought tons of things, but then I told Daddy I’d like to go to a men’s shop as it wasn’t fair I was getting all this spent on me and we’d gotten nothing for Daddy. He of course agreed, not wanting to upset me, and before I knew it the tables were turned. I sat in a chair watching as Daddy tried on suits and all kinds of things. From there I picked up 4 ties for Daddy, two new suits, and even a pair of new shoes. It was harder to get them without him knowing, but I pulled it off with the help of the clerks in the shop. Daddy himself had gotten some new slacks and a jacket and quite a few dress shirts, but the day was winding down again.


After shopping we headed back to the hotel where Daddy suggested dinner. After another long day in Rome I was getting hungry again so I agreed it sounded like a good idea. As we dressed for dinner I looked through all my clothes and sighed a bit then I had an amazing idea.

“Daddy can’t we eat in our room and have just a nice night in?”

He thought for a moment then nodded kicking off his shoes and slipping his shirt off. “That actually sounds like a good idea.”


Daddy and I looked over the menu from our room and called down our order. I slipped into a satin almost see through black lace teddy. I put on my robe and Daddy and I ate in that night. We curled up and watched movies just like the old days, before things had changed, though this time we were much closer. It was a perfect night for us, just spending time enjoying one another’s company, and we had a hell of a view for it if we got tired of movies.


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