A Lesson in Class

Kitten had been thinking about him almost constantly. It was almost as if he never left her thoughts. While she sat in class things in her mind were erotic, sexual, passionate, and filled with more lust than her mind could comprehend. He had asked her just hours before if she was keeping her mind on studies as she should. Kitten admitted that her mind was filled with filthy things, things that he would do to her. He mentioned something about a lesson for her, however then she had to hurry off to class. She sat there staring at the computer screen, her mind a million miles away, thinking of what the lesson might be. Kitten smiled to herself thinking how he would bend her over and whip her for the things that crossed her mind and kept her from her studies. She shook her head trying to keep the thoughts at bay; it only seemed to make them worse. She sat there in her seat squirming trying to focus so he might be proud of her.


“Kitten…” called a familiar voice.

She jerked her head up, quickly pushing the thoughts away. She saw him there, a smile playing across his lips, a look in his eyes of pure animalistic lust. A shiver ran down her spine, her eyes darting around the room. She wondered how long she had been sitting at the computer. All of the other students had already left, though Kitten had no idea how long ago that might have been. She blushed, her eyes locking on his once more.

“How long have you been sitting here?” His eyes narrowed.

“I’m… I’m not sure…” she immediately lowered her head.

“Thinking naughty things again are you?” He questioned, though he knew the answer. She remained silent, another shiver running through her spine. She heard his footsteps coming close to her, bridging the distance between them in almost a split second. His hand tangled in her hair, jerking her head up forcing her eyes to meet his. “I asked a question.”

“Yes Sir…” she whimpered her eyes pleading with his.

“It is time you learned a lesson Kitten. You’ll never get through school being so distracted…” his voice hissed in her ear as his hands groped her flesh.

“But Sir…” she looked around frantically.

He forced her top half onto the desk in front of her bending her over into a position he loved to have her in. He pushed up her skirt and smirked finding no panties, a rule she had been given long ago. “That’s my good Kitten, at least you remember the rules… hopefully you’ll remember this as well.” Before she could think another thought his hand landed on her left cheek stinging her flesh instantly. She jumped a bit then immediately realized it was the wrong thing to do. Kitten could hear his belt being undone and knew what was coming. She whimpered, her teeth catching her lower lip. The classroom was completely silent save for their breathing. She knew it was coming but wasn’t prepared for it. His belt landed across both of her ass cheeks making her cry out. “Hush Kitten or you’ll have an audience… wouldn’t want to be in more trouble now would you?” Ten more cracks from the belt landed across her cheeks, raising the flesh; tears welling up in her cool blue eyes. He kept the same pace for each lashing he gave her then put his belt back around his waist. Perhaps he would let her up, though that was a thought that would make anyone laugh. Instead Kitten felt his hand land on each cheek making her already tender flesh hurt more. Twenty more swats for each cheek; Kitten was now in more pain than she had been in a while. Her whimpers filled the room, bouncing off the walls; only fueling him on more.


Finally his hand caressed her bottom. She winced at his touch only due to the pain of the punishment. Her eyes remained on the door, her heart beating so fast she thought it might explode from her chest. Then she heard it. His zipper cut through the room like a knife through butter, her cunt drew wetter than before. Still her eyes remained locked on the door, silently praying no one would walk in. His cock pushed against her lips and he growled. “You like this don’t you Kitten?” She nodded mewing softly, pushing her hips back against his. She needed him and they both knew it. Normally he would tease her, but he too was in need. With one hard thrust he pushed into her cunt, impaling her on his throbbing cock, drawing a moan from both of their lips. His cock piston in and out of her, drawing both of them to a release they both craved. He fucked her hard and rough, using her for his pleasure. His nails dug into her hips as he pulled her back onto his cock, his balls slapping loudly against her clit. The thought of someone walking in on them pushing them both forward. He leaned down and bit the back of her neck. “Cum on Daddy’s cock…” This was all it took for Kitten. Her body tensed up and started to shake. Kitten’s pussy clamped down on his cock like a vise, milking him for his seed. He gasped feeling her tighten up and pushed harder into her two more times. His skin grew tight, his cum jetting from his balls then spewing into her cunt. Kitten mewed feeling him empty himself into her and it made her cum again. She pushed back against him, grinding her ass against his cock, wanting everything he could give her. His hand again tangled in her hair pulling her top half back up against him. “Mmmm Kitten…” He growled into her ear. “My good girl…” He pushed her back down then withdrew from her used hole. His body collapsed into the chair she had been sitting in when he found her.


Quickly she turned around dropped to her knees and purred. Kitten’s eyes met Daddy’s and she smiled. Her head dipped down and took his spent cock into her mouth. She cleaned his cock of their juices, purring the entire time. Once he was clean Daddy slipped from her mouth. She whimpered a bit putting his cock back into his jeans. “Ready to go home Kitten?” He smiled down at her.

“Yes Daddy…” She blushed gathering her things then smoothing her skirt back down over her ass.

He kissed her roughly then took her bag. Her Daddy led her from the classroom to his car with a grin. His lesson wasn’t over yet, but it was one she would definitely remember for a very long time.


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