Daddy Daughter Day

My mind is constantly thinking, always thinking about something. It’s almost like it never turns off, especially when I think about Daddy. I get the strangest feelings when I think about him or talk to him. It’s like my mind goes into overload. I think about when he’ll come for me. The things that might happen, what he will do to me, how he’ll make me feel, but above all how he’ll make me obey his every word and whim.  My thought process might seem a bit strange at first, well okay it’s always a bit strange, but these are some of the things I think about when I think about Daddy coming for me.


I want Daddy to show up at the strangest time. To completely surprise me in a way unlike anyone else has been able to. I want him to smile that wicked smile as he grabs a handful of my hair and pulls my head back. Then Daddy’s lips roughly grab at mine, kissing me hard. He makes it very clear the things in his mind without a word spoken. His kiss takes everything from me, leaving me in his grasp weak and small. I look up at him knowing my place but unable to move. I’m at Daddy’s mercy.  He smiles looking down at me though we’re both standing, the charm on my collar catching his eye. He smiles a sincere smile, one that excites me to no end and brings a pride to me unlike any other. Daddy’s fingers slip into the collar making it even tighter against my neck; I gasp for breath but know I’m safe. He pulls on the collar and starts walking leaving me no choice but to follow him, which I do with pride in my eyes and step. Daddy leads me around and into the house, giving just a moment to show off his pet to the neighbors. This always makes me blush and does so now, but still I follow. Down the stairs we go, step by step. The door opens and Daddy, ever the gentleman, shows me inside before closing and locking the door behind him.


Daddy has me right where he wants me, alone in the basement, wearing approved clothing. I blush up at him before my eyes meet the floor. He seems so big and he leaves me feeling very small, yet I love every moment of it. His first words hit my ears causing me to blush again, remembering what is to come. “Good girl, you’ve set up things nicely…” He pauses a moment, his finger under my chin raising my eyes to meet his. “Perhaps I shall reward you later.” The goose bumps glaze over my skin faster than the stars come out at night and I shiver at his words. Daddy just chuckles and walks to the table in the middle of the room, leaving me there until my feet remember to move and I follow closely behind him.


I’ve known all along that Daddy has set up a game, though my mind has no idea what’s in store for me. Daddy gets the books and starts me on a character. I work diligently, stopping only to answer the door for our guests, and then go back to working. When all is said and done I have created the perfect character, I proudly show Daddy. He smiles that smile that lets me know I’ve done well. “That’s good little one” he whispers into my ear. The game starts and I realize I’m in for an interesting time. Of all our guests I am the only female, as my character is the only female. Daddy pulls out a book and I whimper. A book of games and sex; at this very moment I know I am on board for a very long and interesting night. After hours that seem like days the game finally ends. I’ve been tortured and used, and I’m quite sure Daddy knows my pussy is dripping wet. I do my duties and Daddy and I say our goodbyes to our guests.


Once we’re alone I know Daddy will either reward or punish me. My mind races with possibilities. Have I done well or have I done wrong? Will Daddy be proud or upset? Will he spank me? My face turns a deep red while I think about Daddy grabbing me, throwing me over his lap, and then the feel of his hand on my bare ass, the way he stings my flesh with just one swat and makes me count each and every blow. “Kitten?” His voice jars me from my thoughts and I jump looking up at him. “Wandering mind again little one?” I blush and nod, my eyes falling to the floor.


Again Daddy’s fingers slip up under my collar, he pulls me toward the bed and I whimper. Daddy pushes me down and grins at me. He stands high above me, my body quivers as his eyes take in what lies before him. I whimper as Daddy sits next to me pulling me into his lap, his fingers stroke my hair and tangle easily. He grins pulling lightly to sit me up, “Stand” he orders and I quickly obey. “Strip Kitten,” he smiles. Again I quickly obey. My hips turning to the song that plays in my mind. My eyes meet with his, my hands roaming up my sides to play lightly in my hair. I gasp softly as I feel Daddy’s hand slap my hip, a smile spreading across my face. My fingers hook under my shirt and I grin pulling it slowly up my body before taking it off and throwing it in Daddy’s direction. However Daddy’s patience grows thin and he grabs me by the waist. I whimper as Daddy rips what’s left of my jeans from my body, this one motion leaving me naked in his arms. “Good girl…” he mutters as his lips lock on my left nipple. I mew sinking into Daddy’s embrace, my body going completely limp. Daddy growls around my nipple and throws me onto the bed.


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