The topic of the day is masturbation, yep that’s right masturbation. More specifically what we think about while we do it. This is something that’s been on my mind for a while, and after talking to Sean about it I decided to blog the thoughts.

Now most people normally think about some hot dude or hot chick… super models, movie stars, musicians, or some random person they met and were hot. HOWEVER, why if you’re in a relationship?? Think about it this way… if you’re in a relationship and that person meets all your needs, sexually and non sexually, yet sexually that person gives you the best orgasm of your LIFE… why wouldn’t you want to think about that person? You love your boyfriend/girlfriend right? They complete you on levels only imaginable to others, yet you actually have that. Why in the name of the Goddess would you want to think about Brad Pitt or Pamela Anderson??

Honestly I just don’t get it. If you love your other half, you enjoy being with that person, and they get you off like no one’s business then why wouldn’t you think about them while you’re pleasuring yourself? Like the idea of someone else is going to make you cum harder? I don’t think so really. I understand fantasies, really I do, but why shouldn’t your fantasy include your other half??

Just think about it… seriously.


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