A Switch’s Rant

So I’m normally perving FetLife or helping out within the community. I’m also always around for my friends when they’re in need. However I have to get this little thing OUT of my mind and out into the open. Before I do, I want to say this, nothing within this blog/rant pertains to anyone in particular. I’m bitching about the fact as a whole and not someone. Keep that in mind, if you have something that you want to say to me about it, because you “think it’s about you” then feel free to message me and let me know that. Thank you and have a great time reading my little bitchy rant, whatever the fuck this is going to turn out to being.

There are many people that are afraid to be alone, or they have a compulsion to have someone around, or something along those lines. Most of the time people like this don’t take time between relationships, and they just go from person to person. I have my own opinions and things to say on that fact alone, and this isn’t the post for that. However what’s bugging me lately is submissives and Masters/Mistresses/Doms/Dommes, well whatever, that are in a relationship with someone else and automatically include another person. Don’t get what I mean? Well then here is an example.
Bob, a submissive male, meets Wendy, a Switch female. Wendy is currently engaged, married, dating Steve. Therefore Bob becomes Wendy’s submissive, and in turn is Steve’s submissive as well.
I’m sorry but I think this is fucking stupid. I don’t care who bitches about this one, I’m saying it. IF YOU’RE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH SOMEONE ELSE THE NEW RELATIONSHIP SHOULD NOT BE AUTOMATICALLY ASSUMED AS PART OF THE LONGER/PREVIOUS ONE. If I’m going to submit to Joe that doesn’t mean I’m going to submit to someone else, call someone else that he’s dating Mistress and follow her rules as well as Joe’s. Sorry it just doesn’t work that way with me. Now maybe I’ll get that “you’re not a real submissive” quote, or I’ll get “you’re just a bitch”, “you don’t know what you’re talking about”, “you’re just being difficult”, or whatever it is someone might want to throw out there, but honestly WHY the FUCK would someone do this shit?

Rant part two: subby and Mistress/Master get into a D/s relationship and automatically there is talk of collaring, moving in, or other serious shit. Umm red flag? If you’re in a D/s “relationship” for a week and you’re talking about this shit isnt’ that a bit of a concern? I know that things move fast… I DO understand that from time to time. Here’s my thing though… a COLLAR is just as serious as a wedding ring, in my eyes. That is a commitment to someone that should NEVER be broken. Yet there are so many people just throwing it around like it’s nothing. They’re cheapening it. However of course most of the time, this fast paced shit doesn’t work and then it’s nope we’re not together anymore. Yet again the people move on to someone else TOO FAST.

Are we as humans that fucking retarded that we can’t take the time needed to recover our feelings and emotions? Are we that fucking gone that there is nothing left of mourning over something, good or bad? It’s like no one takes the time to think about shit, analize things, and move past something anymore. Now I’m not saying if you break up that you shouldn’t you know, go on a date or something, but well here’s an example.
Wendy decides Bob isn’t the submissive for her. She dismisses Bob, end of story. However Bob a few days/a week later is talking of a new Mistress and being collared/moving in/giving her his soul/in love, ect ect.

This is a little fucked up in my opinion, and honestly it worries me a little bit. I have come to accept that humans are fucking stupid, for the most part. They don’t think things through, they don’t take time that’s needed for some things, and lack a lot of shit at times. I’ve even accepted that fact that romance is pretty much dead. At least the romance I grew up knowing, learning, and studying. I guess it’s just another thing that makes me hate humainty just a little more. Time goes on, there are plenty of fish in the sea, tomorrow is a new day, but seriously… take the time to remember who YOU are and what YOU want/need.



  1. Amaia Said:

    Simply Awesome.

    • Snow Said:

      thanks… things tend to get on my nerves from time to time though lol

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