Random Shit My Friends Text Me pt 1

So I’ve got some friends that are kinda nuts, and we’re all random as fuck. So with everything completely random I get I’ve decided to make a post just dedicated to the random shit my friends text me. Maybe one day you’ll make it into a post like this…


Gerald: “True, one thing I do know? I totally smell pussy all over myself. haha”

Gerald: “lol, NO, jerkface :p”

Gerald: “I’m trying to think of sexy thoughts, and I’m just getting nothing… I’m so tired I broke my imagination!”

Drew: “That you do. it would be impossible to fake sleep with you. I’d cry out too much.”

Drew: “Speaking of, I took off my shirt for bed and was like ‘wtf I’ve been stabbed!! Oh wait…'”

Gerald: “#pout”

Scott: “sorry……….. butt dialed” (he has NO ASS)

Danny: “Fat boy needs food :p”

Rugby: “Did you check your pants??”

Drew: “Stupid boys…”

Gene’o: “So you’re being a bullshitter now?”

Gerald: “wheeee”

Drew: “I’m close”

Gerald: “I just saw a trailer for Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D. A happy part of me juts died.”

Rick: “So I could come up there and make you love me again”

Soooooooooooooooooo I’m thinking maybe I just need a shit Gerald says to me post… *giggles*


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