I Want…

Random thoughts fly through my head while talking to you. My phone goes off again, I blush and wonder if anyone can read my thoughts. Do they know what I want? Do you know what I want?

I want you to slowly undress me, for only you to see. Your eyes peering into my soul, watching every move my body makes, your eyes covering every inch of my skin. I want you to put me on display for you and you alone. This is what I want you to give for us, at the sake of my cloak. Shed off everything that I put on to keep the world at bay, take off my disguise and see the true me. you’ve seen me for years, knowing everything there is to know about me. Only you are to see the way I am without my mask, and now you sit watching me. It makes me nervous yet at the same time I’m perfectly fine. Finding perfection in the way you love me so.

I want you to take out your camera and capture what you see in the view finder. Capture my soul and my beauty as to remind me when I need it the most. I want to finally see what you see in me this way. I want to feel your eyes peering against my flesh. I want to hear the shutter and know there’s no way to erase the moment. Your lens sets my shyness far away, to a place where it doesn’t even exist. I am natural for you, but only for you. This is something I want more than want itself.

I want you to order me to slowly prepare my mask for the world, the entire time you snapping away with the camera. Catching just how I mask myself for others to see. This is the ultimate taboo, to finally watch someone mask themselves for the outside world. To watch me not undress, but to dress. Catching glimpses of skin being covered for the day, hidden away from view… a view that I know you remember quite well.


This is what I want, and hopefully this is what I’ll have. A gift that only you and I understand. One that most people think silly or trivial. The best fit of a gift that molds to the both of us, our likes, our desires, our path, and everything we have worked for. Please… deliver to me what I want?



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