Seriously Wow.

So I’m on FetLife, as normal, and this pops up on my feed. First though let me give you a little bit of background. About a month ago, while living in Columbus this dude messages me. He seems nice, a little eager, but I’m willing to be friends. We talk for a couple of days and he asks if we can meet up and hang out. Well sure, I’m not against hanging out with friends. However, I was dealing with something with another friend, and had to cancel the meeting. Then I get a million questions, if we’re going to meet, when we can meet, if we’re still going to fuck… Um WAIT, WHAT? I never once agreed to fuck him, and I told him before friends ok, playing not happening. He’s not my type. So okay this is still going on and then I see a post he made in a group on FetLife. Here’s what it says:


Being bullied and hating it

by MrHunky

All I’m trying to do is be like everyone else on this site, only safer and with less risk of being killed or arrested. I make one little comment, statement, or question of interest and everyone jumps all over me like they want me dead. If anyone here is also being bullied for wanting sex, remember that sex makes the world go round.


So then of course I’m pissed off reading how he’s basically slapped the community in the face, and insulted everyone in the lifestyle. Of course I’m going to have a few things to say to him. I send this:


So all I can subject title this as is well wow. I just saw your post in the 18-29 group and just fucking wow. Seriously you think you’re doing “what everyone else here” is doing? You’re not. You’re a joke. You’re not kinky, you’re not freaky, and frankly the only freaky you are is freaking other people out. You’re not in the lifestyle, you’re out to get your dick wet, which isn’t what it’s about on FetLife. Sorry, but here it’s about a little more than just sex. This is our LIFESTYLE. This is the way we live, not the way we get screwed. If you want to get laid go join a site that’s about sex. Sex doesn’t make the world go round, and I feel sorry for you if you think that it is. Oh and next time you want to make some fucking noise, you might not want to basically slap someone in the face doing it. You just insulted half of FetLife. How you might ask? “All I’m trying to do is be like everyone else on this site, only safer and with less risk of being killed or arrested.” Those are YOUR words. That’s a very big insult. Assuming that someone is going to be arrested or killed because of their lifestyle is bullshit. You’ve done enough to insure you’re the one in the wrong with the way you treat your actions. See the next paragraph if you don’t know what I mean. It’s no wonder everyone thinks you’re a joke, and honestly they’re right. You ARE a joke.

You automatically assume that because someone is willing to MEET you, that they’re going to fuck you. You’re constantly calling or texting that person, putting more and more pressure on them, and it’s pretty fucking sick. How do I know that? Because you’ve done it to me. I’m done dude, and you should be too. You’re going to get what you deserve, and that’s for sure. Karma is a bitch. I agreed to meet you and hang out, and suddenly I’m agreeing to fuck you? NO. That is not okay and it was never talked about. I wouldn’t fuck around on the person I’m with, EVER. No exceptions. In OUR LIFESTYLE we have things in place to keep us from being killed by some creepy ass stalker freak. Too bad you don’t know anything about that. You send off red flags with the things you do, and I’m GLAD that I’ll never see you in the flesh.

Just so you know I will be blogging this. I think it’s worth a good read and a laugh at least. Have a nice life. I’m sure that you think that’s what you’re having anyways. Maybe one of these days you’ll learn to grow up, and you’ll learn what REALLY makes the world go round. I feel sorry for you, seriously.

I’m seriously pissed off at this. I did send the reply. He is being deleted, and frankly I’m just done. I can’t stand when someone can sit there and insult my lifestyle, and basically slap me in the face so rudely. Hopefully you all get a laugh out of this one. Stupid people just simply amaze me each and every time.

Kisses and Spanks,




  1. LordSir Said:

    Ask Me what You Will and Get the TRUTH about it All 1

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