Enter At Your Own Risk

While on FetLife today a friend of mine posted a journal entry. I couldn’t say it better myself, and I agree 100%. I’ve gotten permission to reblog this one from her. Thank you Annilia!


It seems people have issues with others using their blog space to write what they need to write. writing what they need to express, think out or sort through.

They don’t like people writing anything other then pablum.

After all, let’s just pretend there are no issues in life, in our community. Let’s just pretend injustices don’t happen, laws aren’t broken, persecutions of individuals don’t take place, and we are all drama free. Let’s just pretend we are all happy shiny people.

Yes, let’s just pretend.

Fuck no.

I won’t pretend I am not hurt when I am, I won’t pretend when I am happy. I won’t pretend to not be struggling if I am. I won’t pretend to be anything other than who I am.

A flawed person, searching for her own path. A beautiful person healing herself by all means possible. An imperfect person in an imperfect world, community and lifestyle.

A human being.

Writing is an individualized experience. People write for many reasons. some for entertainment, some to feel popular, some to express what is deep inside, some for catharsis. What ever their reasons, it is their right to write.

No one has to click that link that comes up when I write something. I do not expect my friends to go through each and every thing I write. Some friends might, many won’t. That is their right, just as much as it is mine to write it.

So when you see the link for something I have written enter at your own risk. I make no apologies for what I might say. Nor should you.



  1. i am following your blog regularly and got great information. i really like the tips you have given. thanks a lot for sharing. will be referring a lot of friends about this.

    • Snow Said:

      thanks, glad you like the blog… tell anyone you want hehe

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