Who Are You??

So I’ve been listening to some Blake Shelton today and one song has the gears in my mind turning. Who Are You When I’m Not Looking. So the song is basically about how he loves this chick, but doesn’t know who she is deep inside, like when he’s not with her.

I’ve come to find this to be true in a lot of things. People that we think we know, but certainly don’t know, at least not when we’re not around them. The truth of the matter is, perhaps I didn’t know her, at all even. I knew what she wanted me to know, and as I started to find out about her… Well I found I didn’t like what I was seeing.

When someone can be so childish and immature to do the things that she did to me, well I deserve better than that. To be disrespected the way I was, when she was supposed to be my submissive, is just downright wrong. I find it sad and pathetic that the things that are happening now are because she’s upset or hurt or just plain old jealous.

When someone doesn’t love you, yes it hurts, but that doesn’t mean that you can play your games and try to make someone feel bad about the way they feel. So thank you, because now I’m finally seeing who you are for real. You’re someone I don’t want to know, someone I don’t want in my life on the level that you’ve been in my life. You’re not going to make me jealous or hurt or even upset. Do you want to know why? Because you’re just not worth it. I’m happy, really I am, even though you’ve tried to ruin that time and time again.

For everyone else reading this… the person that you’re with, do they really know you? I hope that they do, and that what’s happened to be in the last few hours isn’t going to happen to you to. If they don’t know you, then I hope it doesn’t turn out to the degree that this is turning out to be.

Oh one more thing for you… You’ll never be me, and I’m sorry that you think you need to be, but frankly, you couldn’t handle being me. Go back to your childish games and fantasy worlds, cus Darlin’ real life… isn’t no god damned cake walk.



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