Lucy and Jonathan Russell

This is the start to a story that Daddy has assigned me to write. While at first there was a deadline for this to be completed, recent circumstances have made the deadline fade into a blur. I was told that I no longer had to write this as assigned, however I will not give up on this. So this is part one, a teaser or start if you will indulge my way of thinking. I hope that Daddy enjoys what I have written, and I hope that others will as well. I’m working on the rest of this as you read, and I hope you look forward to what is to come. Anything you find in this assignment that is bolded has been done so on purpose. The things that are bolded were directed by Daddy’s rules of if I want him to do it to me, to make it a bold type. So yeah that should clear that up as well… I hope you enjoy what you read, and I hope it comes to life in your mind. I welcome any and all comments.

*Disclaimer: The following writing is completely fictional. It comes from my mind, my fantasies, and my desires. It is in no way real, and deals with a taboo that not everyone accepts. If you have an issue with incest fantasies or incest stories, then you should stop reading and go look at something else. Any association be it time, place, name, or characteristics of real people are completely by accident. Remember this is made from MY THOUGHTS, and nothing more. While I love any and all comments, I however do not welcome a negative bash on my sexuality, fetishes, or turn ons. So if you’re going to say I’m some sick piece of shit, seriously stop wasting the time of others and looking like an ass in public. However if you **must** tell me how horrible I am, send it to my inbox. I think that’s enough for now… if this doesn’t bother you, then by all means. Read on.*

Lucy and Jonathan Russell

Lucy Russell was fast approaching her eighteenth birthday. Despite the assumptions of the town she had become quite the young lady, and had more than her share of gentlemen callers. None however, held a chance in hell of getting her attention for very long. Lucy stood five foot five inches and was very thin most of her life; however she had started to curve out a bit in the last couple of years. She seemed to gain weight in all the right places, giving her an hourglass form that no one could keep their eyes off of. On her chest, a very voluptuous D cup chest stood proud. Black hair cascaded around her face so often that she kept it tied back any time she was out around town, pulled into a bun most times. Her eyes, oh her eyes, they could catch anything in them. No one stood a chance at escape when caught in Lucy’s emerald green eyes, even the animals on the farm seemed to be caught in her eyes.

Jonathan Russell was one of the men that suffered the most from Lucy’s hold over a man. While yes, he was her father, his mind kept going back to the things he wanted to do to her. His mind wandered often, normally while in the barn. Jonathan tried to keep his mind from Lucy, but the desires of a man were too strong with her constantly around. Jonathan had been known to catch the eyes of females in town with his looks and his position. He stood a solid six foot tall, solid muscle over his body, weighing close to two hundred pounds. Like Lucy he had jet black hair as well, that he kept short most times, but allowed to grow out to his shoulders when the weather started to cool. His eyes however, were a soft blue powder that seemed to sparkle anytime Lucy was near.

Lucy sat in her room looking out the window while music softly came to her ears. The sun had long since faded so she opened up the bay windows and allowed the chill of night to enter into her domain. She smiled feeling the night air lick at her skin, caressing it in ways she only dreamt about. Lucy stood and walked to the dim the lights then turn off the music playing. She grabbed a blanket and walked out the door. Lucy went out the back door and set the blanket on a chair. She returned back inside to gather a few things then went back out and keeled down by the fire pit. Lucy started a fire and smiled to herself feeling the warmth press against her face. She grabbed her blanket and wrapped it around her shoulders then sat down looking up at the stars. She could hear the animals in the barn starting to bed down.

“And just what are you doing up this late young lady?” a familiar voice spoke behind her.
Lucy jumped looking behind her then laughed. “Daddy! Don’t scare me like that!!”
“Sorry Princess…” He smiled pulling a chair up next to her. “A fire huh? Shouldn’t you be getting ready for bed?”
Lucy nodded, “I should, but my head is filled with too many thoughts…” her voice faded, her eyes slipping back to the fire.
“What’s on your mind Princess?”
“Too many things… but I don’t want to talk about it.” She pulled her knees up under her chin and sat watching the flames.

Jonathan sighed, he wanted to talk to his daughter, but the light of the fire cast a glow about her that had him in a very hard place. Torn between being a man and being a father wasn’t one of Jonathan’s better arguments, so instead he just sat there, in case she felt like talking.
“Daddy?” Lucy peered over at her father.
“I’m going to go get a drink, do you want one?” She stood, the blanket falling into the chair.
What Jonathan saw made his cock ache. Here was his daughter in a flimsy nightdress. He could easily see through the material to her skin. Her nipples poked out at him, almost begging him to give them attention. The dress also ended just below her round kissable bum. Only barely concealing what he wanted from him.
“Daddy?” Lucy’s voice pulled his thoughts back.
“Yeah… a beer would be great…” he scolded himself within his mind.
“Can I have one too?” Her soft voice pleaded as she bit her lower lip.
Jonathan sighed then nodded. “Just this once…”
Lucy turned and ran into the house quickly, leaving Jonathan with his mind, and the image of her running through it wildly. Jonathan tried to shake the images from his head, but his attempt failed. Instead he pictured her slowly taking off her nightdress, revealing her body to his eyes, and allowing him the pleasures of flesh.

“Daddy?” Lucy’s voice was soft, barely a whisper to his ears. She held out a bottle of beer.
“Thanks baby girl…” He smiled up at her popping the top.
“No thank you” she giggled softly sitting back down and taking a drink from her own bottle.
The two sat like this for a very long time, just watching the flames, not speaking but knowing the company of each other. Lucy eyed her father, a strange feeling spreading through her body. He was her father, ‘it’s not natural’ she thought, but she couldn’t help but wonder what his hand would feel like on her thigh. They both finished their drinks and looked at each other. Want filled their eyes, but no one moved.
“I think I’m going to head to bed baby…” Jonathan smiled, pleased that his erection had finally given up. He stood and kissed the top of Lucy’s head.
“Ok… good night Daddy…” she sighed watching him return into the house.

The alcohol had given Lucy a new boldness, which she might not keep in the morning. She decided to act on this and after waiting a few moments she stood to put the fire out. After a short time, the flames finally died and simmered into a shouldering ash. She gathered her blanket and took it inside, tossing it onto a couch before climbing the stairs. With each step goose bumps grew over her skin, her nipples tightened, and her pussy started to drip with excitement. She couldn’t get to his room fast enough. Light steps carried her to his door, which was cracked open. A single light shown through the window, placed perfectly across Jonathan’s bed. Lucy could easily see him sleeping, the slow and steady rise and fall of his chest.

Lucy slipped inside his room and crept closer to the bed. She smiled to herself, her nails grazing across her own skin. “Daddy?” She whispered, as she reached the bed. However he did not move, not even stir in his sleep. Lucy pulled the covers back to see her father laying there in bed, his shorts pulled down, but just barely from his waistline. Ever so carefully she climbed into bed with him. Lucy pulled the covers up over them both and she curled up against his body, her head on his chest. She could hear his heart beating. His arms wrapped around her and he murmured in his sleep. She smiled looking up at him, and then felt his body move gently. Jonathan was waking up.
Her thoughts raced. What would he think about her in his bed? Would he kick her out? Would he show her the affections a man shows a woman? Would he be angry with her? Would he be happy? All the thoughts entered her mind at the same time, but before she could flee his eyes opened like a shot in the night. She came face to face with him and squirmed. Lucy was afraid yet excited, her body tensed up, her nipples started to pull and ache, and her pussy started to drip even more.

Before he could say a word she kissed his lips, pulling her nails down across his chest. Jonathan groaned into her mouth, pulling her up against him tightly. His tongue snaked into her mouth battling her for control, his fingertips dug into her skin as he changed from her father, to something animalistic. Like a hungry being, that needed to feed on something, needed to be sedated and filled. She would fill his hunger, no matter if she wanted it or not.


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