A Father’s Plan Pt. 2

After what seemed like an eternity Lyn’s birthday finally arrived. Normally a day filled with sadness Levi could barely contain his excitement. Aggie had left the night before, not being able to tell Lyn goodbye after raising her as her own. Levi awoke early, taking a shower and dressing himself to show off his features and attributes. He went to his office to check his email and send off a few project designs to clients. Today Levi’s life would change yet again, and he was more excited than he had been in a very long time. He shut off the laptop and closed it then stepped out of his office, making his way to the kitchen he started a pot of coffee then worked on Lyn’s breakfast.

A meal fitting a princess he thought before turning and walking up the stairs to Lyn’s room. He stood just inside her door watching her sleep before walking to her bed. He sat gently on the side then woke his daughter. Her eyes sparkled up at him as she smiled. “Breakfast is just about ready baby, get yourself straight then come downstairs.” Levi kissed her forehead then walked out of the room and back to the kitchen to finish making their birthday breakfast.   Levi was pouring two cups of coffee just as Lyn came into the kitchen, hers with a nice bit of Daddy’s cream to make it extra yummy.
“Good morning Daddy” she smiled softly at him.
“Good morning baby, sit down we need to talk.” He placed her coffee cup in front of her.
“Isn’t Aggie going to join us for breakfast?”
“That’s what we need to talk about sweetie,” he sighed lifting his cup to his lips. He took a drink then sat it back on the table. “You’re grown up now and I’m here to take care of you. Aggie left as per our agreement when you were born and she was hired.”
“You’re going to take care of me?” Lyn whimpered.
“Yes of course baby. I retired last year just for this. I’ve made more than enough money to keep us both comfortable for the rest of our lives. I’m your Father and I know what’s best. It was time for Aggie to move on. She just couldn’t bring herself to tell you goodbye…” He sighed, “I hope you can understand.”
“So it’s just you and me from now on?” She took a drink of coffee looking at him.
“Just us until you decide to leave your old man.” He laughed.

They ate their breakfast chatting softly between the two of them. Levi and Lyn always went shopping for her birthday, but this time Levi decided it was time for something new. He’d been looking over her night clothes and underwear, seeing they were all white and plain cotton. This wasn’t sexy and Levi knew that. Now that Lyn was a “big girl” it was time she had big girl night clothes. They would go shopping for lingerie, new underwear and bras and a new car. It was time for Levi to start his seduction on his daughter, and what woman doesn’t enjoy getting everything she wants? After they’d both eaten breakfast Levi told Lyn to go get dressed and ready to go, he would meet her in the living room after his shower and they would be on their way.

As Levi stood in the shower he couldn’t help but think about Lyn in her own shower. How the hot water must fall over her beautiful skin after being soaked into her hair. How her nipples would stiffen at the hot water falling over them, and how her pussy would feel the heat of the water. Almost as if on cue his cock twitched to life, inflating to its full size before he could even think against it. Levi wrapped his fingers lightly around his cock imagining Lyn’s small hand around him, stroking lightly and slowly at first as she would. She wouldn’t know what to do so she would be very uncertain. Over the year since Levi’s retirement Lyn had grown much more. Now she displayed a very nice chest, at least a very full C cup, her curves had filled out more, and her ass… oh her ass was something that always caught Levi’s eye no matter what he was doing. As he stroked his cock he grew in pace, his breathing quickened and grew ragged. Before he could stop himself Levi’s testicles tensed up against his body, his load spewing from the head of his engorged penis and shooting against the wall of his shower. He grunted, his hips bucking hard against her imaginary hand. A chuckled spilled from his throat as he thought about what her face would hold watching him cum for the first time. Levi washed away his cum from the wall of the shower and quickly finished bathing, excited to get on with wooing Lyn. Levi stepped out of the shower drying off just a bit before walking into his large bedroom. He walked across the floor to his walk in closet. Pulling a pair of jeans and his favorite t-shirt he nodded knowing that Lyn would have no choice but to notice his body in the clothes. He dressed himself, put on some cologne, and then brushed through his hair. Levi mused for a moment looking at his reflection in the mirror. He didn’t look to be in his late 30s; instead he looked to be in his mid 20s. Levi had always prided himself on taking care of his body though he’d never been interested in dating after Rose’s passing. His body was tight, muscular, and seemed to have no aged since he’d met Rose. However Rose was a memory and now he had an amazing woman in his life; a woman that he would be seducing and would soon be going through his plan, his wicked plan for Lyn.

Lyn was waiting in the living room for her father to return. He smiled looking at her; Lyn was dressed in a white peasant top that showed off her curves nicely and a pair of black jeans that hugged her hips and legs. They loosened quite a bit down under her knees though. Levi smiled again enjoying the view of his daughter in the clothes she’d picked to wear. Her hair was down around her shoulders, flowing out down her back, a few strands falling around her face framing it nicely. Levi noticed that Lyn had put on just a little makeup as well. Her makeup was never over done like most girls her age would be doing. Instead Lyn’s makeup was very soft over her eyes and a light gloss on her lips. Levi thought about how those lips would feel against his, in a kiss shared by lovers. Soon, very soon Levi thought. “Ready to go?” He smiled over at Lyn holding out his arm. Lyn accepted and giggled softly. “I thought that it’s time you had some big girl clothes so we could go there first. Is that alright with you?” Lyn nodded her agreement blushing, a blush that drove Levi wild with lust for his daughter.


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