Lucy and Jonathan Russell Pt. 2

This is the second part to a story that Daddy has assigned me to write. For the first part please see Lucy and Jonathan Russell. While at first there was a deadline for this to be completed, recent circumstances have made the deadline fade into a blur. I was told that I no longer had to write this as assigned, however I will not give up on this. I hope that Daddy enjoys what I have written, and I hope that others will as well. Anything you find in this assignment that is bolded has been done so on purpose. The things that are bolded were directed by Daddy’s rules of if I want him to do it to me, to make it a bold type. So yeah that should clear that up as well… I hope you enjoy what you read, and I hope it comes to life in your mind. I welcome any and all comments.
*Disclaimer: The following writing is completely fictional. It comes from my mind, my fantasies, and my desires. It is in no way real, and deals with a taboo that not everyone accepts. If you have an issue with incest fantasies or incest stories, then you should stop reading and go look at something else. Any association be it time, place, name, or characteristics of real people are completely by accident. Remember this is made from MY THOUGHTS, and nothing more. While I love any and all comments, I however do not welcome a negative bash on my sexuality, fetishes, or turn ons. So if you’re going to say I’m some sick piece of shit, seriously stop wasting the time of others and looking like an ass in public. However if you **must** tell me how horrible I am, send it to my inbox. I think that’s enough for now… if this doesn’t bother you, then by all means. Read on.*

Lucy and Jonathan Russell Pt. 2

Lucy lay there in her father’s grip, no way of escape, no way to turn back the clock. She had awoken him accidentally, but instantly worried about what would happen. So before he could say anything she kissed him, but Jonathan’s mind had other plans. Jonathan was hungry, and she would fill that hunger, no matter what. His actions were rough, his tongue still fighting with hers, feeding off of her kiss, making his lust and desire grow greater. Jonathan suddenly pulled away from Lucy and grinned looking at her in the soft light that trickled across the bed.

Lucy’s eyes were wide, perhaps from fear or a little hunger herself. The roughness that her Daddy took with her was more than she though. She could see him too though, licking his lips as he looked at her. What would he do with her, she wondered, but before she could take a moment to think Jonathan jumped her again. His mouth went to her barely covered breasts, sucking and nibbling on her nipples through her nightdress. The sensations excited Lucy, making her already aching nipples yearn for more. More is exactly what Lucy got, his teeth started to drag across her nipple ripping the material of her nightdress in the process, an action which only excited Jonathan more. This made him suck harder while his hands ripped the top of her dress open. Lucy started to grow a bit frightened; she hadn’t expected this and didn’t know what to do. Her Daddy was turning into a hungry beast, and she assumed she was on the menu, but she didn’t know just how true that would become. Jonathan started to grind against Lucy, slowly at first, but as she started to respond to him, his actions got a bit harder. He mauled her breasts trying to squeeze something out of them, it was uncomfortable at first to Lucy, but she started to mew against the air. Jonathan’s lips caught hers again, he nipped at her lip his hands roaming down her body, stopping just below the hem of her dress. It was as if he started to think about something, and then he pulled away and got up onto his knees. He looked down at Lucy laying there on her back, so fragile and innocent, her breasts exposed from him ripping the top. The frayed edges of the material against her skin making his cock twitch inside his shorts. Jonathan smiled softly, his eyes filling up with even more lust for his daughter. He raised his hands to her breasts again, grabbing the material he ripped Lucy’s nightdress in half, right down the middle. The action left her there on display for him, for his eyes. Her nipples stood up hard, the air of the night nipping at her skin mixing with excitement giving her goose bumps. Jonathan’s hands again went to her breasts, kneading them and then pulling at her nipples, this made her moan softly then yelp.

“What do you want little girl?
“You Daddy… I want you…” her voice faded into the night as she looked up at him.

Jonathan lowered his head and kissed each of her nipples then started to lick his way down her chest, down over her stomach and stopped when he reached her pussy. He could smell her wetness, and that only proved her words to him more. He was going to do what he wanted to her, but Lucy wanted him just as much as he wanted her. It might be wrong, but neither of them cared, they wanted each other. Jonathan started to kiss, suck, and nibble at her thighs, teasing her in a way she never thought before. She wanted him to play with her wetness, but he was going to enjoy this first… if only just for a moment, he would enjoy toying with her. He traced the skin on her thighs with his tongue, making circles and lines all around them. She shivered moving her hips to get his head where she needed release.
“Daddy please….” her voice barely a whisper.
“Please what?” Jonathan raised his head just enough to peer up into her eyes.
“Please give me what I need….” Lucy whimpered still squirming just inches from his face.

Jonathan chuckled, the vibrations shivering over her clit to her very core, pulling yet another whimper from her lips. Lucy felt his tongue down by her pussy hole, flat against her; he started to lick upwards toward her clit. Jonathan’s tongue moved very slowly on the journey up. He licked half a dozen times from just under her pussy hole up past her clit, each lick taking maybe 5 seconds or more. She was shivering in delight and want. After Jonathan finished his last lick Lucy’s legs quivered in anticipation, almost as if made of jelly. Just when Lucy’s hands were about to move, Jonathan’s lips vacuumed up her clit, moaning and groaning against it. His tongue flipped up and down over her little pearl making her body jerk with excitement. Her nipples pulled tighter as she gasped for air. He sucked just hard enough to make her moan out, calling his name followed by ‘oh my god, oh my god, oh my god Daddy…’ Her arousal dripped from her tone as she called over and over to him, Jonathan’s tongue still going to work beating up her clit as if he were wrestling it into submission.

Lucy’s body couldn’t take it anymore; she started to shake uncontrollably, her hips bucking up against her father’s hungry mouth. He never stopped, never even slowed down in his actions, and only sat there riding her orgasm with her. She screamed out, her body stiffening like a board as her cries of pleasure filled the room. Jonathan drove his tongue into her pussy hole anxious to eat up all of her cum. Lucy laid there in her father’s bed cumming straight into his mouth, her pussy clenching around his tongue, contracting and milking it as if it were a cock. Her entire body twitched and spasmed leaving her squirming in pleasure. After five minutes she started to come down from her orgasm, Jonathan again started long licks, helping her come down from her sexual high, then finally stopped. He kissed his way up her body and smiled softly kissing her panting lips.

“How was that Princess?”

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