Entry #42 from 2003

I was cleaning up some things today and came across a paper I’d written back in high school. It is dated January 15th 2003. Only a mere week and a day after my birthday. I thought I’d share it here.


What is love? According to Webster’s love is a strong affection of another arising out of kinship or personal ties, to like or desire actively, or take pleasure in. So now that we know what love (according to Webster’s) is how do we know when we’re in love? Let’s think logic. Our palms sweat, our hearts pound out of our bodies, our breath shortens, and our knees get weak.  are just a few things that happen when we think we’re in love. We end up doing things we wouldn’t normally do. Then when everything is done and our love dies and leaves we cry. We cry until we’ve found that there’s something better out there for us. We then stop crying and move on. I don’t think we can be in love so many times. I think we find a lot of lust in our lives, and then one day we find the one (man or woman) that we fall in love with, someday marry, and then grow old with. So here’s the fact. Use the word love carefully, because it’s a very powerful word. Make sure when you do fall in love you tell the person.


As I sit here now, re-reading what I wrote so many years ago. I wonder if I believe in love anymore. If perhaps love isn’t something that’s real, or just not meant for me. I’m not sure, and that worries and frightens me.


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