The One Thing that Stays Mine

Today I’m going to bring you a look from Bitch Tail for my female readers and for my male readers there James to bring you something as well. So James and I were helping a friend out with vendor photos {yes I’ve included this pose credit as well} and I couldn’t wait to show you. Please remember that the photo IS edited, as I wanted to make it my own for he and I. However it should give you the gist of things. I’ve also included a shot of the female outfit from Bitch Tail, which happens to be Travesty. Enjoy peeps!


Falling for You

It was my turn to decide
I knew this was our time



No one else will have me like you do
No one else will have me, only you

Credit where credit is due!

Snow’s Female Look:

Hair: Truth – Denise – Blood (streaked) {Truth Hawks}
Eyes: AD.- Neko Eyes – Cat’s Eye Collection – Whiteout {Adianna Voltaire}
Skin: }EoS{ – Slice – Fauna (Busty) {Beautiful Engineer}
Shape: Alchemi Scenes – Snow {Snow Alchemi}
Outfit: Bitch Tail  – Travesty {Tiff Renfold}
Collar: OpenCollar {Asami Watanabe}
Fangs: Bloodlines The Thirst Fangs {Mars Bracken}
Blood Vial Necklace: Bloodlines Blood Vial {Mars Bracken}
Tattoos: GrungeInk – Poisin Tattoo {Fenom Gasparini}
Cuffs: OpenCollar – 1.400 {Pol Mclaglen}

James’ Male Look:

Hair: Urban Dare – Osiris – Black/Red Tips Hud {Craven Theas}
Eyes: Zombie Suicide.- Skully eyes  – Fusia {Isis Zamin}
Skin: Belleza skin – Shawn – Tan 3 {Emanuelle Bury}
Shape: Belleza skin – Thomas V2 shape {Emanuelle Bury}
Outfit: >>GothiCatz<<- Chaos– {Looloo Beck}
Boots: JRC – Aston(included in outfit (Brown) – {Hendrik Snook}
Blood Vial Necklace: Bloodlines Blood Vial {Mars Bracken}
Tattoos: Elven Elder Tattoos Store – ELVEN Skull Tribal 1 (full body) – {ElvenElder}

Pose: Sweet Sacrifice – Make Me Sway – {SarahBear18 Gossipgirl}


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