Santa Baby

I couldn’t wait to tell you about this adorable outfit, so here it is. Bitch Tail is getting into the season yet again, and this time we’ve got ANTLERS! They are wicked cute by the way. So today’s look is Bitch Tail’s Santa Baby outfit. It comes complete with top, pants, antlers, candy cane stick to suck on, boots, stockings, AND these really cute MESH arm-warmers. The outfit also includes all alpha layers needed to pull this look off. Mesh arm-warmers come in various sizes from extra small to extra large, so you’re guaranteed a size that fits you perfectly. Perhaps at some time I’ll mix and match parts of this with others, but for now it’s here in the original form and entirety. Also keep in mind all Bitch Tail outfits are now Lola’s Tango friendly.

BT Santa Baby

Credit where credit is due!

Hair: Magika – TwentyFour – Pack 2 {Sabina Gully}
Eyes: AD.- Neko Eyes – Cat’s Eye Collection – Whiteout {Adianna Voltaire}
Skin: }EoS{ – Slice – Fauna (Busty) {Beautiful Engineer}
Shape: Alchemi Scenes – Snow {Snow Alchemi}
Outfit: Bitch Tail  – Santa Baby {Tiff Renfold}
Collar: OpenCollar {Asami Watanabe}
Fangs: Bloodlines The Thirst Fangs {Mars Bracken}
Blood Vial Necklace: Bloodlines Blood Vial {Mars Bracken}
Tattoos: GrungeInk – Poisin Tattoo {Fenom Gasparini}



  1. gold price Said:

    I am, as I’ve noted , biased. I think legwear, be it socks or tights or legwarmers, helps complete an outfit. With makeup and hair, it frames and finishes a look. Most designers these past couple of weeks seem to be favouring a bare leg, the silly gits . Or they go for the plain canvas of a semi-sheer nylon, like what you can get at Fred Meyer or Target. The rest seem to be clothing their models in tights , but there are some who are having comparatively more fun. I’m going to give you a bit of a cheat-sheet rundown, but first let me supply you with the basics.

    • Snow Said:

      I like something on my legs, no matter what kind of thing it is. Fishnets, stockings, pants, something, but then again with my tattoos I do enjoy from time to time nothing to cover those up. I thought this outfit was really well done and I wore it a lot with the Holiday buzz.

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