Oh Hush

I’ve got another very cute outfit for everyone from Bitch Tail. This outfit is Oh Hush. This is a NON MESH outfit, just as a reminder, and another reminder is Bitch Tail outfits are now Lola’s Tango friendly.

Included in “Oh Hush” is your sweater hoodie, and all attachments, antlers, pants, and your boots! I simply adore these boots, if you hadn’t already known. No worries on the boots, they do still come in a resize, but Tiff has included the alpha layer, to make them perfect.

There are two photos included in this one, the original and a shot of my personal preference. I didn’t think the extra hoodie sweater prim around the midsection suited my avi very well, so I chose to remove that. However, as always the choice is yours.

Oh Hush Blog
As always, credit where credit is due!!

Hair: Magika – Ren – Red Pack {Sabina Gully}
Eyes: AD.- Neko Eyes – Cat’s Eye Collection – Whiteout {Adianna Voltaire}
Skin: }EoS{ – Slice – Fauna (Busty) {Beautiful Engineer}
Shape: Alchemi Scenes – Snow {Snow Alchemi}
Outfit: Bitch Tail  – Santa Baby {Tiff Renfold}
Collar: OpenCollar {Asami Watanabe}
Fangs: Bloodlines The Thirst Fangs {Mars Bracken}
Blood Vial Necklace: Bloodlines Blood Vial {Mars Bracken}
Tattoos: GrungeInk – Poisin Tattoo {Fenom Gasparini}


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