I’m Not Afraid to Die

Alright guys and dolls. Today I’m going to mix it all up. While I was at the sale over the weekend over at Bitch Tail I found a few things I really liked, some that I didn’t like, and others that I thought would go amazingly together. So this isn’t JUST a Bitch Tail post, this is a mix and match post!

So to start out I picked up Miley, an outfit offered from Bitch Tail. The outfit comes with top/bottoms which makes like a leotard, wings, and arm wraps. While I love the outfit apart I left the wings off for this one. So you’ll ONLY see the clothing layers in the photo below.

Next off while looking around I came to a section of BT that I never even KNEW existed. There is a section of Bitch Tail where you can indeed mix and match some things from outfits. There are tons of tops over there, jeans, pants, skirts, and just well you’re going to have to look around. It’s really too much to list here. So from there I picked up a skirt. It’s the “stay calm” black skirt. This skirt is MESH and comes in various sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. Hey I squeezed my big old ass into a small. I’m all sorts of excited about that one! Alpha needed is included, as are a pair of undies!  I’m really kinda falling for this skirt the more I wear it. You will too! It comes in all SORTS of colors, and I may just go pick up the rest of them.

So I upgraded my viewer last night, and a lot of things are working better for me. One thing being MESH HAIR! Before I could only see certain hairs if they were mesh, but now it seems that I’m seeing it all. So I picked up a new hair from Truth. I went with Mercedes, of course the reds pack. I’m currently wearing the blood with roots, however there are TONS of things to be included in this one. I’m also including the photo of just the hair.

Now you’ve seen me wear my collar in every photo that I have taken, even if you can’t always see it. I’ve been through a few different looks in my years on SL, however one thing remains the same. There is always a collar. RL I live a BDSM lifestyle, and I do that as well here in SL. So before I wore a collar that was similar to the one I wear RL. It was a chain with a heart lock on it. I’ve shed that after finding one from Zombie Suicide that I just fell in LOVE with. This collar IS mod, so I’ve added all of my Open Collar things, and now it works perfectly for what I want my collar to do. I do believe the collar also comes in a silver color, however I’m seen wearing red. I just really like red, if you haven’t already figured that out.

Now the boots. Oh the boots. I’ve gotten TONS of compliments on these. However, here’s the deal. I was going through my inventory and just saw “diamond black boots” and decided to see what they looked like. The creator’s profile is completely empty. I can not tell you what store to look in, but I will give you the goods on the creator’s name and the name of the boots. I fear that a blank profile means the creator has left us, which I REALLY hope isn’t the case. It’s always sad to see someone leave. If you can dig up more information for these boots, please do let me know. I’d really love to know more and be able to provide everyone else with more information on them as well.

I’ve finally after about three years decided to change my all the time tattoos. This was a HUGE decision for me, and I did so with the help of Wicked Tattoos. I’m very hard to please when it comes to ink, in both real life and in second life. Finding these was just a completely interesting venture. So you’re probably used to seeing these, but you just haven’t gotten any info other than the style card. Now you’ve got some background at least. I think I liked these because I’m so used to the look of flowers on my skin, and that being the only acceptable flowers for me. Maybe that’s why changing to this ink was so easy and comfortable for me. Wicked Tattoos has a collection that is honestly must see. Check them out, and pick up some new ink today!

I’m sure that by now everyone has realized I never change my shape. I made it when I first started here on SecondLife and honestly I will probably never change. I made my shape proportionate to the real me, only she’s a little skinner than I am in real life. My skins rarely change. I fell in love with Edge of Sanity forever ago. Well now apparently EoS is out of business due to creator differences. I guess that they are going their different ways, and making their own things. I so can’t wait for that to happen though. For now however, I’m wearing the same skins, and I’m not willing to change them. I hear you CAN still get EoS skins by notecard and requests. However there is nothing NEW. Keep that in mind.

I think that’s about it for now. As always there will be a style card. I hope that you liked the mix it up and profile out some of the things. I’ll be back to normal later. Promise! As always, stay safe and sane.


BT Mix and MatchIn The End as you fade into the night

_TRUTH_ MercedesWho will tell the story of your life

ZS Eerie CollarIn The End
As my souls laid to rest
What is left of my body
Or am I just a shell
And I have fought
And with flesh and blood I command an Army
Through it all I have given my heart for a moment of glory

Credit where credit is due!
Shape: Alchemi Scenes – Snow {Snow Alchemi}
Skin: EoS – Control (Fauna/Busty) {Beautiful Engineer}
Hair: Truth – Mercedes (blood w/roots) {Truth Hawks}
Eyes: Fashion by Sharkie – Fantasy Grey {Sharkie Leistone}
Tattoos: Wicked Tattoos – Bleeding Hearts (medium) {Shanea Parx}
Wicked Tattoos – Embellish (medium) {Shaena Parx}
Outfit: Bitch Tail – Miley {Tiff Renfold}
Skirt: Bitch Tail – Stay Calm (black) {Tiff Renfold}
Boots: Diamond Boots (black) {Paulrum Carrasco}
Collar: Zombie Suicide – Eerie Collar {Isis Zammin}
Blood Vial Necklace: The Thirst – Bloodlines Blood Vial {Mars Bracken}
Fangs: The Thirst – Bloodlines Fangs {Mars Bracken}


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