Hands off the Merchandise

I’ve picked up something new at Bitch Tail from the older non-mesh collection. I give you Bitch Tail’s Boy Toy! I saw this and knew it had to come home with me. *giggles*

Now keep in mind this IS from the old collection which is mostly neko oriented. This is what Bitch Tail started on, but in no way should be discarded as something not worth your time. Here’s why: you can take away the ears and tail and walk away with an ever sexi ass outfit. Seriously try it. I’ve done so in the photo below.

Boy Toy includes, shirt, sweater top, collar, jeans, undies, sleeves, and all cuffs needed to make this outfit a success. Also you’ll find a pair of ears and a tail. These are always OPTIONAL. If you’re not into the neko/kitty scene just take them off. No one is going to send you hate mail for it.

I’m very into this outfit. Honestly I wish Tiff would bring this style of jeans back. I absolutely adored them, and I wish I had a lot more. The color is perfect too. I’m of course digging the top, that’s not even the half of it. I kinda want to just peel the stickers off my boobs and goof around, but as I said I love the outfit as a whole. It’s gone into my rotation of outfits.

With or without the Neko things, you’re sure to want to pick this one up. Until next time stay safe and sane.

Boy Toy

Credit where credit is due!
Shape: Alchemi Scenes – Snow {Snow Alchemi}
Skin: EoS – Control (Fauna/Busty) {Beautiful Engineer}
Hair: Truth – Mercedes (blood w/roots) {Truth Hawks}
Eyes: Fashion by Sharkie – Fantasy Grey {Sharkie Leistone}
Tattoos: Wicked Tattoos – Bleeding Hearts (medium) {Shanea Parx}
Wicked Tattoos – Embellish (medium) {Shaena Parx}
Outfit: Bitch Tail – Boy Toy {Tiff Renfold}
Collar: Zombie Suicide – Eerie Collar {Isis Zammin}
Blood Vial Necklace: The Thirst – Bloodlines Blood Vial {Mars Bracken}
Fangs: The Thirst – Bloodlines Fangs {Mars Bracken}


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