Sacrifices of Purity are Turning into Sins

Did you know that I just picked up blogging for the Forbidden Closet? Formally known as the Forgotten Closet, the Forbidden Closet is an outlet of amazing designers, all coming under one roof to bring you amazingly themed things, bi-weekly at under $100L a piece. So that being said let me tell you about this week okay?

This week The Forbidden Closet brings you Superheroes. Yep that’s right… they’re all here, all your favorites as a child, and a few more that you may not have thought of. The round started today, and let me say, you REALLY want to get over to the Forbidden Closet shop and see what you can snag.

AS F.C Green Lantern Vendor

Alchemi Scenes brings you 4 outfits (one pictured here)

Market Link


Baubles by Phe brings some amazing earrings this round!! Market here.

BitchLetsPowerGirlBitchlets has come up with two (only one here) amazing designs to make you a pretty awesome superhero. There is also a male version too for all your sexi men. Market here.


Blah BLAH blah brings two super cute style of tops, each featuring Wonder Woman and Mighty Mouse. The other is a baseball styled top. Market here.


Fall Dreams has put together a Rogue look, and older Rogue look, and it’s amazing to pull off. Makes me feel all sorts of amazing just wearing it. Maybe I’ll go save the day, but in the meantime check out the market here.


Infamous has come up with this adorable outfit simply called Superhero, and there’s a wall decal out too. The wall decal is font art that states “every girl needs a superhero to save her”. It’s also featured in the shop this round on one of the walls. Check it out, but check out Infamous’ Market.


Joops decided to come out with a mesh Batman crop top. Something you’re sure to wear and stay awesome in while you’re at the club. Who doesn’t love Batman right? *giggles* Market Here.


Ahh Luckie, just in time with an adorable and sexi crop top. Super Cutie Hero Top, in pink of course. Featuring the Superman Logo and ready to rock all your curves. Not sure if there will be other colors later in the shop… maybe? Check Luckie’s Market for details.


Noise brings you some awesome Mighty Mouse shirts, and another set too with a TON of superheroes on it. You really should check these out. Comes in black, gray, and white. Market Here.

That’s it for now, but I’ve got even more to come for you all so make sure you check back and GO TO THE FORBIDDEN CLOSET! Seriously, there’s SO many amazing things over there!!


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