I’ve Forgotten if They’re Green or They’re Blue

So I logged into find something in my inventory from Prime. There’s a new spring swing that I just had to tell you about. By the way, all photos are completely non-edited. I haven’t done a thing to them, not even to crop or make all pretty. I just figured today was a normal day. Moving on shall we??


So James decided to help me out with this one, as you can see. I’m really glad he did too. The Spring Swing has 9 couples poses, 9 friend poses, 6 female single poses, and 6 male single poses. Of course, I had to try out everything too! *giggles*


I just really love the swing and how it seemed to just “fit” into the space under our castle. Almost like a little lover’s hideaway. The animations are really well placed, and picked for that matter. There are various places on the swing that you actually sit at. I’ve captured a couple of them in these photos. I think this is one of my favorite couple poses. It just seemed too perfect I guess to pass up. So I took a photo, and just seemed to smile…


This final photo is a pose from the “friends” section, complete with me laying down almost like day dreaming and James sitting there… apparently staring off into space… but at least he’s not staring at my ass right? *giggles* All in all I’d have to say hands down I love the swing. It’s still sitting in the same place under the castle. Our own little hideaway, and I wouldn’t change that one for the world. I’m really excited to show it off, and even to see if anyone just “discovers” it down in the peaceful serenity that we’ve created.


Now just one more thing, a few specifics about this swing. The swing is delivered as a coalesced (also known as soft linked or bundled) object. So when you rez it, make sure you’re in build mode. That way you won’t mess up the schematics of the swing, and it’ll be perfect. You CAN link it all together, but in doing that you’re going to make the entire swing one object. So when you click the menu and make it swing, the whole thing will swing. So just leave it all as a bundled thing, and move it then leave it be. No worries though, the whole thing is copy, so if you mess up, you’ve always still got the swing. Also once you sit on the swing, you’ll get the menu for all the seating options and poses, in that menu you’ll also have the option to turn the swing on and off. The only thing the swing uses AVsitter, so that means the “switch” menu is on the TOP MENU. You’ll have to go back to the top to switch with your partner, but it’s all good. Other than that, you’re golden. Make sure you pick up your swing soon!!

*EDIT* I want to say personally to Reven Rosca, Prim Owner, that I am sorry I didn’t look back at the top menu for the switch button. I will next time be more aware of AVsitter. Thank you so much for understanding, and I hope that I can blog more of Prime’s amazing creations!


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