A Direct Order

So while it’s been a while that I’ve actually written, I’m going to start blogging again. I’ve gotten orders that I am to start doing so, starting today. The guidelines are as followed…

At a minimum I am to write about any session, and tasks completed, any masturbation, and anything that has caused me to become aroused. When writing about masturbation I am to include what I thought about and/or watched, my body responses, and the level of my climax.

I have the feeling that these guidelines may change, and I’m actually a bit surprised that there aren’t more guidelines to this, with more things I’m to write about. Especially with my current situations going on and my stress levels… though I guess those may eventually make it into guidelines as well. Time will tell I guess on that matter. I am excited to start writing again though; it will help with being bored, and even the stress levels that I’m dealing with. So I guess this is the beginning… and we can only move forward.


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