The First Task

So last night I was sitting here at home, and got an email from Sir, the Daddy Dom I had my meeting with. I was asked if I had dice or cards, being a HUGE geek and mother, of course I have both. I was directed to get the cards, shuffle them, and draw three and then relay what those cards are.

I got up, got the cards and did exactly as I was told. Upon shuffling the cards I drew the 4 of clubs, 10 of clubs, and King of Hearts. Which I found a bit fitting, smiled, took a photo and relayed the information to Sir. As the holidays are approaching quickly (next week), there isn’t a lot of time for direct attention on either part for the two of us. So I was given a task.


With the drawing of these cards I am to masturbate four times a day, for the next ten days. Before I may cum I am to take a wooden spoon and smack my pussy 10 times, I am also to do this after I cum. I guess the King of Hearts can be quite wicked at times. *grins*

If I fail to masturbate four times a day for the next ten days then I will receive punishment from Sir. I am however given one day, being Christmas as an exempt. Though I still have plans to TRY and get all four times in. Today I start my task, and I will be blogging about masturbation every night.


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