Day 2 of Masturbation Task

First Time: So I woke up this morning a little horny and decided hey why not. I started with my breasts, just rubbing and pinching at my nipples then moved slowly down. I thought about hands roaming over me while I’d slept, pulling me to an awakened state. My fingers found my clit, and I was wet, as I made circles over my clit my nipples grew harder and my cunt wetter. I grabbed a dildo and started to fuck myself. My body felt electric, hair standing on end as I fucked myself. I removed the dildo and started my swats with the wooden spoon. I then started to fuck myself more, but I couldn’t get to the point of cumming. I kept fucking myself for an hour, pulling on my nipples, choking myself, but nothing seemed to work. So after an hour I texted Sir to ask for clarification, and then gave myself another 10 swats before giving up and getting dressed.


Second Time: After a shower I wanted to try again. So with the thought Sir had said earlier I did just that. I went to lay in bed and felt my pussy, finding that I was surprisingly very wet. I was a bit agitated with myself so I just grabbed the dildo and started to fuck myself. It wasn’t a kind or nice thing; it was just a fuck in my head. I thought about Daddy coming home, finding me playing and having his way with me. The thoughts turned me on more of course, my pussy got wetter and my nipples got VERY tight and hard. I felt like I might cum, so I removed the dildo and slapped my cunt with the spoon. This time the swats weren’t exactly calm, but again with some brutality. I finished and shoved the rubber cock back into me and felt a shiver run down my spine. I thought of Daddy putting his hand around my throat, telling me what a naughty slut I was, and how hard he would fuck me. I kept this up for about half an hour and couldn’t get there and sighed giving up and administering another 10 swats.


Third Time: After talking to a friend of mine I got a little more excited. He was reminding me about times we had in the past, and I got to thinking about the time we fucked behind this comic shop. It was a total spontaneous thing, but it was SUPER hot. It’s almost as if I was there again. My nipples got hard, and I knew I needed to play. I started to rub my clit drawing the wetness back to my lips. I made circles playing with my clit while my other hand pulled at my nipples and grabbed at my throat. I slid a finger into me and started to finger fuck myself. I fucked myself to the best of my ability with the position I was in and using only my fingers. I started to think about being in the back of the friend’s vehicle, him pounding into me while anyone could walk by and see. We could hear the people around the comic shop and at the car lot next door, so it just fueled us on. I whimpered and wiggled on the bed then went to grab a wooden spoon. I gave myself the swats that Sir had told me to give, and on the 10th I shoved a dildo into my cunt. I fucked myself hard, and even harder; my breath coming quicker and quicker. My back arched off the bed and I stiffened and couldn’t move. I came, and I came very hard all over my dildo screaming out for Daddy while I came. When I could actually move again I gave myself my ten swats to the pussy and smiled knowing I was a good girl.


Fourth Time: Since I was still home alone I decided that I would take a short nap. I briefly fell asleep, but woke up horny as hell. I’d had a dream about Daddy seducing me over a movie night, and turning me into his little girl slut, and of course my mind kept replaying this over and over. I decided to try another approach this time, and first gave myself my ten swats with the wooden spoon, I imagined it was Daddy using his cock to spank my pussy. I took my dildo and stuck it against the wall and started to fuck back against it after the last swat. In my mind Daddy had bent me over to pull my hips back into his, impaling me on his cock. It was electric in my veins, my hips rolling back to grind against him as I moaned in excitement. Before I knew it I was cumming, my back contorting up like a cat just waking up from its nap. I bit into my lip and started to growl while my body shook. I slid away from my dildo and giggled giving myself ten swats to the pussy.


Today was a super fun day, even if it did start out a little rough. After all my masturbation things got a little nutsy, and my stress isn’t helping, but hopefully tomorrow will be a day of cumming each time. Again, thank you Sir for my task.


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