Day 4 of Masturbation Task

First Time: This morning I woke up to a text from Sir. It was a simple one saying good morning but I of course had to blush and smile like a dork. So we chatted for a moment and I was told to play like a good girl. I decided on playing in the shower. In the shower after working myself up with the heat of the water, and the suds on my body I gave myself ten swats with the wooden spoon and started to rub my clit. The hot water falling over my body made me more turned on and had my nipples rock hard. I’m pretty sure you could have cut glass with them. I also took my dildo with me to the shower; I stuck it on the wall and started to fuck myself with it, the hot water hitting right at my clit. This pretty quickly sent me over the edge and I was barely able to hold myself up. On the scale of no orgasm to HOLY FUCKING SHIT I’M GOING TO DIE that was SO good, I’d say this was about a 7. I gave myself another 10 swats, soaked up a bit more water then got out of the shower on still shaky knees.


Second Time: Sir came over for a check up on his pussy, and I wrote about that earlier. So my second masturbation was with Sir. I rubbed and scratched at my clit, his hands roaming over me, his naughty words in my ear, and I came SO very hard. Hard enough that the toy inside me was pushed out and I left myself with a stomach cramp.


Third Time: Sir left and I was still pretty worked up, I’d written about our session and just had to play. I gave myself ten swats and started to fuck myself, occasionally hitting His pussy with the spoon, because well I kept replaying everything from earlier over in my head. My nipples were rock hard, and I couldn’t catch my breath. My throat and mouth were completely dry, but his pussy was soaking wet. I came super hard, shivering and mewing the whole time. About a 5 on the cum scale *giggles*. I gave myself another 10 swats and decided I should put clothes on again.


Fourth Time: So since everything is quiet I decided now is the best time to masturbate for the last time. I again kept thinking about Sir’s hands roaming my body, the things he said to me, the way he touched me, wanting to be such a good girl for Him. I have myself ten swats to warm myself up, and was surprised that I wasn’t as wet as I have been all morning, thoughts crept into my head, but I pushed them away. I took my dildo and shoved it up into Sir’s pussy moaning as I fucked myself. My fingers found my nipples and I pulled hard. I kept moaning and whimpering please Daddy, fuck me, yes Daddy…. Thinking about the things Sir had said to me earlier. This time it just wasn’t going to happen, and I gave up after about an hour. I did however give myself my second set of ten swats.

So that was my day of masturbation in a nut shell. *giggles*


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