Sir Stops By…

So earlier today Sir sent a text informing me that he would be stopping by to check, to which I of course was a little thrown off and had to ask check what. So Sir says he would be stopping by the check the condition of his pussy, which of course had me blushing like the little that I am, and he would be here at 1430. Now it’s been a VERY long time since I had to use military time, so after a second I was like oh ok 230, which is roughly two hours from the time of the text. Arrangements needed to be made, mostly so that I was sure to be home alone. I figured I’d finish up right as Sir was arriving at my apartment, and I made it back before he pulled in.


Once Sir got here, I of course had to apologize for my house being a mess, with the stress and depressed part of me I haven’t worried so much about cleaning. I have been told before, that isn’t why he comes to see me, but it’s still always in my mind *giggles*. So once inside I was asked about a bathroom, to which I told him the wrong door, but also told to be naked by the time he was back downstairs. Because of the way kiddos are outside, I don’t get naked too often downstairs anymore, but said I could comply upstairs. I was also told to have all my toys out lined up on the bed. I went up to make preparations, asking if certain things counted as toys and was told “anything you normally use”, which of course made things much easier. I took each of my floggers, my dildo, and the extension and put them on the bed like a good girl. I then got naked and sat awaiting orders.


Sir told me to come to him and take off his shoes, which I did eagerly. I then was told from now on I would say hello and greet him by undoing his pants, taking out his cock, kissing the tip, taking it into my mouth and sliding my tongue over it six times. I would then withdraw his cock from my lips, kiss the tip again and put it away. I said I understood and repeated my orders, met with a good girl now say hello, and I very happily did so. I looked up at Sir undoing his pants, and having an issue with his belt, thankfully he helped me with that part, and I undid his pants the rest of the way, carefully pulling his cock out, kissing the tip with a grin and sucking him into my mouth. I then took six swipes side to side with my tongue and pulled him slowly from my lips, kissing the head and then putting his cock away and doing his pants back up. I have to admit I was a little saddened, but I knew to be a good girl and obey my orders. I kneeled in front of Sir while he fondled my nipples, breasts, and hair which all were actually quite nice, though the pain in my knees from the floor got to the point I had to get up. I told Sir this and was told that was fine, so I sat on the very edge corner of the bed. Still he fondled and played with my breasts and nipples, pulling and pinching and slapping them, turning me on quite a bit. He asked if it as okay and I told him very much so. I was then told if Sir does something I do not enjoy or do not want to do I am to reply with “Only if you wish Sir”. He then made sure I understood by telling me to fuck a cow and of course getting “Only if you wish Sir”. Though I’m sure the logistics of this are going to be stuck in my mind all day now. After a moment I was told to lie back on the bed, on my stomach, and did so with a smile. I was then administered a series of swats and spanks, each one turning me on more and more. Sir spread my legs open and started to hit the inside of my thighs and his pussy. Of course this kept me very turned on, to the point I started to lose track of time, at some point Sir said to turn over and I did.


Lying on my back Sir started to play with his pussy and my thighs and before I knew it he had pushed something up into me. He fucked me with it, and I started to wiggle and moan and whimper while he fucked me with whatever it was, which at this point I had no idea. I just knew it felt REALLY fucking good, and I wanted to cum and be such a good girl at the same time. I briefly remember him pulling on my nipples while he toyed with his pussy, and after a while my legs were closed and I was rolled onto my side. Sir cuddled up to me, his hands roaming over my body, which was so seriously making me shiver and want to be even better for him. He had me so very turned on, there were a few more spanks to my ass as well, and lots more cuddling. Sir’s fingers trailed over my sides and my back, exploring and tickling, and sending shivers up and down my spine which seemed to be electric to my clit. He then in a hoarse whisper told me to masturbate. I asked how and was told however I wanted, with the position we were in my fingers went to my clit and I started to play. I pushed down hard, his words in my ear, hands on my body only fueling me on. Before I knew it I HAD to cum, and he told me to do so. I came so hard whatever inside me was pushed out and I actually ended up with a cramp in my stomach. It took me a bit to come down, lying curled up against Sir gasping for air.


I am so very happy that Sir decided to come over to check in on me and his pussy. I look forward to him stopping by again, and I can’t wait to say hello again. His cock in my mouth is something I want more of, hell his cock is something I want more of… and I can’t wait to see how much of a good girl I am to be each and every day.


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