Day 8 of Masturbation Task

So…. today is day 8 of my 10 day Masturbation Task. I am just getting home and super tired, as I’ve been gone pretty much ALL DAY long. So this post today is going to be REALLY different and not completely detailed. Though there wasn’t a WHOLE lot of cumming going on. I think I’m too damn stressed and worried to be cumming my brains out.


First: VERY VERY early this morning I was on the phone with Puppy. Since it was after midnight I had the option and chance of playing. I gave myself ten swats and started to play while Puppy played too. This only turned me on more. I used the rabbit on my clit and just pretty much talked myself into cumming. It was very to the point but I came so hard I soaked my sheets, and had to change them before going to bed. I gave myself ten swats and then got new sheets and changed them then slept.


Second: Woke up and wanted to play. Grabbed the spoon, gave ten swats making Sir’s cunt get a little swollen. I started to fuck myself like crazy with the rabbit. After almost an hour though nothing was happening and I was getting annoyed and frustrated so I gave up, gave myself ten more swats and proceeded to start my day of hell… I mean my day of holiday. *giggles*


Third: While I was out, of course I had my spoon in my purse. I snuck out to the car for a smoke, gave myself ten swats, and fingered myself in the car. I thought about someone catching me, and giving me a Yuletide rape. It was a pretty hot feeling. I ended up in my car whimpering, moaning, soaking my seat a bit, but couldn’t get myself there. After about 20 minutes I gave up, gave myself ten more swats, smoked another cigarette, and went back into my grandmother’s house.


Fourth: I went into the bathroom before going from my grandmother’s to my grandfather’s and decided to try ONE more time. I gave myself ten swats and started to play with my clit. I circled it, and it almost became like a business transaction. I didn’t really think about anything, but being a good girl and making myself cum. I got close a couple of times, but after failing the third time gave up. 10 more swats to the cunt, and this time probably harder than they should have been. I left Sir’s cunt stinging and wet then went about the rest of the holiday.


Like I said this time it was pretty different writing this, but I’m just getting home, super tired and I just want to get naked and go to bed. My whole body aches today thanks to everything that went on. I really want to get past whatever it is in my mind that’s blocking me from cumming and just be able to fucking cum already. Also, while I could have had a break today thanks to everything going on and Sir knowing about it, I wanted to be the best little girl nymph I could be, so at least I tried today for my four times. Hopefully though tomorrow is better.


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