Day 9 of Masturbation Task

I can hardly believe tomorrow is the last day of my task. I also am having a really hard time dealing with pretty much everything in my mind, and the annoyance of trying to cum and not being able to is starting to take the toll on my frustration and nerves. I hope that tomorrow is going to be better at least. Today was mostly a business like day approach.


First Time: I gave myself ten swats and got into the shower. I fucked myself with my dildo, my nipples tightened thanks to the cock plunging in and out of my cunt and the hot water pouring over me. I thought of someone coming in and catching me in the shower and deciding to have their way with me. It wasn’t kind or gentle; it was just a transaction of being caught and paying the toll to be let loose. My pulse quickened as did my breathing and before I knew it I was cumming. It wasn’t a lot, maybe a three on the scale, but felt nice to cum. I gave myself ten more swats and finished up my shower.


Second Time: After lunch I decided to sneak off for a bit to my room. I gave myself ten swats and fingered myself on the couch. My teddy watched me playing, and it actually turned me on, of course in my mind it wasn’t my teddy Max, but Sir. He watched as I made circles on my clit and finger fucked myself… which honestly was kind of hot. I tugged at my nipples while I played, but kept teetering on the edge, so I got my rabbit and started to fuck myself with it. I turned it up on high and rode against it, but still couldn’t get there. I kept trying and after 20 minutes gave up, as Sir has told me 20 minutes trying is enough. I gave myself ten more swats and straightened myself up.


Third Time: I was out to get meds for my grandmother and decided to have some fun. In my purse the wooden spoon and one of my dildos where there so I figured why not right? I gave myself ten swats and then started the car, fucking myself while I drove. That alone was pretty hot, and I tried to concentrate on driving, or at least trying to drive. I went through the drive through and got her meds the whole time grinding into the dildo. Before I knew it I was cumming, so I pulled over, gave myself my ten swats, and drove back to drop of meds to my grandmother. This cum was about a 6, I think mostly because of being out and knowing all too well that the guy at the pharmacy knew what was going on, or at least suspected something.


Fourth Time: I was still a little turned on from the med run and decided when I got home to play. The sun had already gone down, so in my room in the dark I gave myself ten swats and slowly started to fuck myself with the dildo. In the dark I lost myself thinking about someone in my room; it wasn’t like I was doing this, but someone else, someone trying to please every aspect of me. I know my nipples were tight and my body responded like it normally does, but this time there was something different. Something unknown and pretty fucking hot, though that being said I couldn’t get myself there. I fucked myself in the dark for an hour, and a couple times I thought I was going to cum, but couldn’t get there. I finally gave up, sighed, gave myself ten more swats and got redressed.


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