Day 10 of Masturbation Task

So today being the last day of my task I decided to play it up a little differently. I decided it was time to go out with a bang so to speak. Once the house was quiet tonight I settled into bed with my laptop and my toys and of course my spoon. I hadn’t played all day, but I knew I was in for QUITE the time tonight. I started with ten swats to warm me up, and pointed my computer to some porn. I found Daddy/daughter cream pie porn that ended up being like 5 scenes and an hour and a half ish long? So that covers what I was watching, at least for now. I sucked on the rabbit and purred feeling my skin cover up in goose bumps, then slowly pushed it inside of me. It was going to be a long road tonight, and it was going to be oh so very worth it. I caressed my skin while I slowly played with the cunt between my legs, just ever so slowly thinking about Daddy having his way with me. I don’t have to tell you it was pretty hot… but well it was pretty fucking hot. The thing with me is slow can get me there even faster and get me even hotter than something hard and rough, given the right time. As I got wetter and wetter I started to increase my pace, my moans going from a soft mew to a howl before long. I started to cry out and I was cumming so hard I couldn’t keep the rabbit inside of me. I gave myself another ten swats and took a cigarette break. While I smoked I sat slowly circling my clit and pinching my nipples just so I could keep myself going, I also kept watching the porno playing on my computer. It was of course on another scene than I had started with, but it was still pretty hot. I finished my cigarette and gave myself 10 more whacks to the cunt, bringing my count thus far to 30, needless to say I was feeling it, but again go big or go home right? *grins*I sat the rabbit on my clit and shoved my dildo into me riding it hard, mostly as that was what it was playing on the scene on my computer. I moaned and whimpered pulling on my nipples; they ached a bit from the stiffness. After a while I got onto my side and started to fuck myself that way, my hips rolling and grinding against the dildo in my cunt. I moaned out and again started to cum, holding my dildo deep inside of me. This acting increasing the pleasure by about a million times, I gripped at it and bit into my lip leaving it bleeding just a tad. Again I grabbed the spoon and gave myself ten more swats taking my count to 40. I for SURE needed a cigarette and a drink after that, so I kept watching porn and smoked, playing lightly with my nipples making a little puddle underneath me. Two down and two to go… I gave myself another 10 smacks with the spoon, for those keeping count I’m at 50 and there are 30 more to still come. I’m getting a bit swollen and sore, my cunt starting to just tingle from each and every smack. I pulled out my dildo and cupped it to the wall, bending over and taking it doggy. I fucked myself, thinking about Sir behind me, his hands on my hips telling me what a naughty girl I am, and how good I feel. He fucked me hard and fast, his cock pushing deeper and deeper into me… my ass hit up against the wall adding a new cold sensation to all the pleasure, and actually feeling pretty good on my swollen lips. I pushed back hard, pulled my nipples, and came hard, in my mind all over Sir’s cock. I’m a very good girl cumming like that, and I’m rewarded with ten more swats, my count at 60. I didn’t even stop, I changed positions, lying on my back, another 10 HARD swats to the cunt, and I cried out, enough wetness between my thighs for a fucking slip n slide. I pulled my legs up, sat up just a bit and started to fuck myself roughly. I hate fucked myself, making sure my already swollen lips got even more swollen. I fucked harder to make sure Sir’s cunt remembered every single fucking stroke, and was left sore, swollen, and twitching for hours, no days to come. The last scene in the porn was a father and son tagging the daughter, and while they DP’d her I fucked myself even harder, thinking about Sir’s hand around my throat, his eyes locked with mine telling me I was a good fucking slut, that good girls cum HARD right fucking now. I lost it. I started to gush, so much wetness splashing from my cunt and all over the sheets, my toy, my thighs and my legs… not to mention my hand. Everything got very slippery and I fell back having came the hardest that time of the last 40 times I had played during this task. I shuddered and wiggled on the bed, unable to breathe and move. Finally coming down I grabbed the spoon and counted, firmly giving myself the last of my swats. ONE, a shiver down my spine… TWO another small trickle of a gush from my lips… THREE my eyes rolled back and I bit into my lip again… FOUR my lip started to bleed again pushing me on more. FIVE I arched my back and cried out, begging for Sir to play with me. SIX oh fuck it’s so fucking sore I don’t know if I can keep going. SEVEN shit is this really the last of my task? EIGHT where the hell did the time go? NINE oh fuck that one hurt, but shit I want to cum one more time…. TEN I lay there twitching spent on the bed, unable to move only barely getting a growl from my throat. Go out with a bang? Of course, why not…. Best fucking night in a while… now if only I had Sir to be here to enjoy his cunt.


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