Teddy Watched

So a couple of months ago my previous play partner/Daddy came to see me. I was in dire need of a good spanking, so he came to help me out. I was thinking about writing it for Fetlife, but I forgot to write it… so I’m writing it now… Also when he and I play I default to the title Daddy, I guess I probably always will because he’s been the most constant, even if not every bit of what I need.


So I sat waiting for Daddy to get here, and ended up on face time with a friend of mine. He asked what I was wearing to wait on Daddy and I blushed pulling the phone away and showing him I was totally naked. It was just starting to get colder outside, and it was a super cold day while I waited, and of course my friend teased me more and more. FINALLY Daddy pulled into the parking lot and I got all giggly and answered the  door. HOLY SHIT it was fucking cold out, but he was pleased with the way I opened the door at the very least. I was off of face time and upstairs in a split second.

Daddy had me lay across the bed  and my spanking started a mix between his hand and his paddle. He warmed my bottom and then started to hit harder and it became just the paddle. My pussy was dripping wet while Daddy’s voice growled out what he was thinking and seeing, telling me what a good little girl I am for him. This of course just turned me on even more, and my poor little bottom felt like it was on fire. I lost track of time, the blows harder and harder, the bite of the paddle making me twitch and jump. Before I knew it Daddy was turning me over, he pinched my nipples and then started to finger me.

Side note, he has always had this amazing thing going when he fingers me, to the point that I’m normally squirting in his hand like a little girl pile of goo and it’s so fucking amazing. I seriously couldn’t TELL YOU what the hell he is doing down there, but it is amazing! His fingers slid up into me and I started to squirm and fuck myself against his hand. I whimpered and gushed out over his fingers, all over his hand, and the bed. Each time he would thrust into me I tried to squirm away, but of course Daddy wasn’t having any of that. I came over and over, losing track of how many times I actually came.

When it was over I curled up on my side and he held me for a minute. It was super nice, and then I realized. The entire time Daddy was beating my bottom and making my cunt soaking wet and cumming my brains out. There was my teddy bear  Max, watching the whole thing play out before him. I told Daddy this and he grinned saying he thinks he likes that. Fucking a little while teddy watches. *giggles* I’m pretty sure Max thinks I’m a slut now….


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