Goodbye Dearest King

Today I woke up with a smile, though it was ever so briefly. I logged onto the computer to check emails and saw that the Goblin King has gone. As a little girl I remember watching The Labyrinth for the first time and falling head over heels in love with a villain. The Goblin King was something that would stay in my heart forever, and start a great love affair with music and different forms of life. So when I heard the news that David had passed yesterday, the little girl in me still so much in love with a man died a little bit.

Born in London as David Jones on January 8th 1947 he started and grew to become, David Bowie. Bowie was so much more than a musician or an actor, even more than an artist or an icon. He  lived life on HIS terms, by his rules, and never once apologized for it. I have nothing but respect to live your life that way. To live 69 years, seemingly without regrets and on your terms is something that deserves some serious respect. David Bowie didn’t give a damn what anyone thought, and it worked very well for him during his years, both early and after returning to the public eye.

So I have been doing today, as I’m sure many fans have been, listening to the good times in song and  curling up with my own little girl to watch Labyrinth, which is also her favorite movie. I can see the way she looks at the Goblin King and doesn’t care that he’s a “bad  boy”, but loves him with his own charms anyway. That’s what we all have done right? Loved someone without a care about the flaws, just loving them more. A fan does that, yes there are bad times in someone’s career and life, but you love the person no matter what. To me, it wasn’t just about the music or the films, it was about the lesson that you learned by watching the way David Bowie lived his life, without saying he was sorry, because it was all on his terms, and life isn’t to be scripted by the public eye, or anyone else for that matter.

There is a cover of Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb done by both David Bowie and David Gilmour. With the first spoken word tears will come to your eyes, for a completely new reason, especially after today. Paired with the fact that Bowie wanted to leave us with a parting gift, his last album, Blackstar, the lyrics to the song are hauntingly familiar and yet in a way try to bring some type of closure and comfort to the fans that adored the man that was not only “The Goblin King” to many little girls, but to the man that always will be, David Bowie.

Goodbye my friend, my mentor in life lessons, and the man that captured this little girl’s heart so many years ago. You will be gravely missed, and life won’t be the same. We are absolute beginners and we absolutely love you.


David Bowie The Goblin KingDavid Robert Jones (David Bowie)

January 8th, 1947 – January 10th, 2016 (69 years)


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