What I Want in a Man

I used to think I had an idea person, though everything I thought I knew has gone out the window. I adore long hair, I really like guys that wear makeup and I love facial hair. So that’s a start I guess. Oh I also don’t date anyone that’s my own age. I guess that’s probably superficial, but I like older men.

I want something real, something that both parties are going to benefit from and enjoy. I want to enjoy and be enjoyed. It’s not only about play or sex, but it’s a connection, and the connection that brings everything together correctly.

I want someone that turns me on in ways I never imagined, that not only can make my blood warm and pussy wet, but make my mind start to fire so quickly that the very thought of that person is enough to make me a puddle of goo. I want to share experiences with someone, and grow in was I never thought were going to happen both on a kinky level and a normal one.


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