The Bastard Children

So I woke up to a text from Puppy about she would be a Sand if she were a Game of Thrones bastard child, as which I would be a Snow. Snow Snow, gotta love it eh? Or Luci Snow, as my name on Fetlife already states *grins*. Anyways she said she wasn’t sure WHAT the West Bastards are called, and well me being me I had to look up all the Bastard Children Names in Game of Thrones.

The Reach: Flowers
The Westlands: Hill
Iron Islands: Pyke
The Riverlands: Rivers
Dorne (the south): Sand
The North: Snow
The Vale of Arryn: Stone
The Stormlands: Storm
The Crownlands: Waters

Also bastard Targaryen children are Blackfyre.

So now you all know too! *giggles*


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