Kink University

So in September I decided to go to Kink U or Kink University. Basically it the Titans of the Midwest hosting regional full day educational events, and then after there’s a play party. You pick 4 classes in time slots, and then you go to the classes, and learn a ton of awesome kinky stuff before the play party. There are demos in the classes, a couple of vendors, and a shit ton of educational and awesome memories.


Here’s the line up of classes!

Pressure Points
Rope Play for Everyone

12:45 – 2:00
Caning & Figging
Male Sounding Play
Body Positivity through Erotic dance/stripping

3:00 – 4:15
Single Tail
Erotic Biting

4:30 – 5:45
Animal Play
Rough Body Play
Rope Plus


I believe that Dozor, one of the presenters ended up naked in almost all of the classes, minus the animal play class. Good thing too because in our class we could HEAR the Rough Body Play class, and I think everyone was getting turned on. *giggles* So what classes did I take? Well of course Rope Play for everyone, body positivity through erotic dance/stripping, erotic biting, and animal play. All in all I learned a TON of things, and came away with some awesome ideas for scenes later. *evil grin* But it was the whole experience that I loved the most honestly. I got to connect with my community and that is the best feeling of them all. I have some interesting ideas for an erotic biting scene and I really want a pup now all of my own. Even more so than before. I think the inner little wants one super bad too *giggles* I just figured I would share though since well I haven’t blogged anything kinky in a while.


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