Extra Measures sexually and scene

Hey guys and dolls! So I was talking to a friend the other night and we got onto the topic of cancer. Both this friend and I are currently dealing with and fighting the good fight. She happens to be a 6 time survivor, and seriously I am in awe of this lady right here. She’s given me some great tips, awesome advice, and she’s been willing to deal with all my crazy. So why am I writing this right? I promise there’s a point, but well credit where credit is due… and all that jazz. *jazz hands*


Ok so seriously while talking about lifestyle stuff (BDSM) and cancer stuff, and my new boyfriend we were talking about being safe. So in our lifestyle safety is a HUGE DEAL right? We all know how big a deal it is to stay safe, how much we need to have knowledge on our side, and about our vet checks on the regular. Having cancer you have a compromised immune system, and that makes safety even MORE of an issue for anyone in the lifestyle. So why not just give it up? Give up the lifestyle until it’s a “safer” time for me right? WRONG! That would be like giving up the air that keeps me alive, the conversation that keeps me sane, and the fire of happiness in my soul. It is not an option, at least not for me. So that means I have to be even MORE safe than I was before… if that is even possible; is that possible? I know that before all of this I never gave it a thought that maybe those with compromised systems had more to worry about, about how much they might go through, and how dangerous some things are to them. Well… now I know and it’s really interesting.


What can I do? I still get my vet checks. I get LOTS of vet checks thanks to a compromised immune system. If something happens to be wrong, I’m going to find out a LOT sooner than I probably would have before. Before I got sick I would get a vet check once, sometimes twice a year. There goes that overly safe thing of mine again *giggles*. I made sure that I was using condoms, taking care of my body both inside and out. I also made sure any partner I had was doing the same. I kept up conversations with my partners, ongoing conversations, about safety and how to stay safe and what our plans were. There was no stone left unturned on the topic at hand; not then, and certainly not now. THIS IS NOT JUST ABOUT SEXUAL ENCOUNTERS THOUGH! Scenes have to be very carefully planned; there sometimes have to be special things done or extra breaks. There need to be extra safety measures in many kinds of different play when you have a compromised immune system. Like when you’re doing some flogging, you have to be extra careful about the skin and not breaking it. You have to do extra care after the scene, added after care.


So in all honesty I started to write this and then got called away from writing, and now that I’m back I don’t remember where I was going with this, but I feel it’s good thus far. So I guess this is a decent enough post. Perhaps there will be more to follow at a later time on the topic.

Kisses and spanks!


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