NEW Excalibur Rental Rates MAINLAND

So hey guys and dolls. It’s just me, and I wanted to let you ALL know about something HUGE! Excalibur Rentals has NEW RENTAL RATES! If you haven’t already heard Linden Labs updated the prims on mainland. You now get MORE PRIMS for your money. Awesome stuff right? So now there are new rates, and actually better rates over at Excalibur!! It honestly works out for everyone involved. At Excalibur you are WAY MORE than a means of lindens. You are family, and they care about you. Fenris Ash and her staff will take care of you beautifully and treat you with respect at all times. Which I mean, can most places say that? They will work with you to find the best avaliable for YOUR situation. So what are these rates you ask??


Well if you are looking for a starter parcel of land, about 175 prims worth, which is enough for a little house and a spot to call your own then you’ll be looking at L$123 per week. That is a freaking STEAL. You’re getting more prims for your L$ now that the mainland has increased it’s prims. For those of you that want a little more space, about 500 to 600 prims you’re going to be paying L$325 each week. Then of course if you’re like I am, and you’re a breeder you’re going to need a LOT more space. I currently have 1983 prims on my parcel and each week I pay L$1389 a week. I have WATER FRONT property. Don’t worry there are pics to follow *giggles*. So that’s the basics, and of course for those of you that want an idea of what you’ll pay mainland wise with Excalibur Rentals, and I have failed to give you an example, the following is a current list of rates per prim.

.65 regular non water mainland
.70 water front mainland
.70 adult mainland
.75 adult water mainland

Now remember we are talking JUST mainland in this post. Excalibur still offers Estate Land for your needs as well. It’s just that this post is about the new mainland pricing. For Estate Pricing get with Fenris Ash about some prices and see what she might have to help you. As always if you get with an agent from Excalibur Rentals remember to tell them that Snow Alchemi sent ya!!

Excalibur Rentals Office

Excalibur Rental office {pictured above}. Excalibur Rentals offers beautiful land for all your needs.

They will always treat you like family and never do you wrong. THE BEST rental agency in SecondLife.

Snow Alchemi and Krys’ floating castle and breedables ranch {pictured below}. Still a work in progress, windlight of

first photo is CB Rogue 3, second photo windlight is FSOriginal.

Snow and Krys' Floating Castle


Snow and Krys' Floating Castle


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