Excalibur Rentals NEWS

Okay guys and dolls. It’s a new year and of course I have to bring you some Excalibur Rentals news. Are you looking for a home in Second Life? Do you have a business and you just REALLY need some land? Maybe you’re a breeder looking for the perfect place to put your babies and breed them up? Excalibur Rentals HAS YOU COVERED!


Excalibur Rentals offers both Mainland AND Island Estate Land. Prices are always as low as they possibly can be, and Excalibur staff will ALWAYS take care of you and your needs, and work to find you the best possible place for your needs and desires. They truly are like a family, which is one thing we can all get behind. Starter parcels on mainland start at 114 Linden Dollars a week with 175 prim. Here’s the mainland break down when it comes to renting with Excalibur.

.65 regular non water mainland
.70 water front mainland
.70 adult mainland
.75 adult water mainland

Of course it does not stop there, Estate Islands are super affordable too! So make sure you stop into the Excalibur Rentals Office and see about a new spot to call home. Tell them Snow Alchemi sent ya!! *winks*

Excalibur Rentals Office


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