Excalibur Rental Rates

Hey guys and dolls! It’s your favorite Snow here! I just wanted to stop in and let you all know what’s up with Excalibur Rentals. We have some great options for all of you right now, and of course I have the low down.

As one of the newest Excalibur Rental Agents I am looking forward to putting you into a home all your own! We offer both mainland and estate islands for your pleasure, we welcome breedables, and you can do anything your little heart desires!

Baby Inland spots are: 1L$ per prim
Baby Waterfront spots are: 1L$ per prim + 50L$
Inland parcels are: 4096m 1250 prims L$1150/week
Seaside parcels are:  4096m 1250 prims L$1200/week
Seaside Corners are: 4096m 1250 prims L$1250/week

.65 regular non water mainland
.70 water front mainland
.70 adult mainland
.75 adult water mainland
Drepana skydomes: L$0.7/prim
Bruja skydomes: L$0.68/prim

Great right? Well hop into the office and let me know what we can do for you today! And of course tell em Snow Alchemi gave you the hook up! *giggles* AND you can send your friends my way too. If they tell me that you sent them and they rent with us you will get 5% commission on their rental!


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