Excalibur Feedback

Good morning all you amazing people! I wanted to share with you some conversation I was having this morning with some of our wonderful Excalibur Renters! I decided to put it to the people so they could tell you what THEY think about Excalibur. Who better than from the horse’s mouth right?

Renters have been asked what they love about Excalibur. They were also asked what they maybe do not love as much and what they would like to see. Below are some of the replies.


[09:41] Tiel Icarus (ladyysatispichot): I will tell you what rocks about Ex and why I keep coming back. There has been no outrageous request they haven’t been able to accommodate, someone is almost always around to help, Selection and price cannot be beat, hands down. There’s a ton of other stuff too, like sexy CSRs and referral benefits, but when I need land I always check here first.


[09:40] ღWillowღ (rockinbikerbabe): ive been for a while and i cant find anything that needs improved!..prices are great service is great


[09:38] KylaRea: The excellent services  we get from out agents !!

[09:40] KylaRea: I haven’t been with Excalibur long so as of right now I am very happy renting from you


So there you have it! What are you waiting for?? Hop over to the office today or just hit up your friendly Excalibur Rental Agent Snow Alchemi in world and let us get you into a home all your own today!!




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