Barrington Spotlight

Hey guys and dolls, just your friendly Excalibur Agent here to tell you some awesome things, and bring a spotlight to you. Are you looking for a place to call home? Do you love to sail in Second Life? Maybe you want a weekend get away, maybe you want a place to call home all the time, or maybe you just want a port in the storm.

Well we have all heard of The Blake, and when it comes to property along The Blake… well it may be a little out of our range, but I’m here to give you great news. Excalibur has an OPEN PROPERTY on The Blake. That’s right, and it’s totally in the range of being affordable! Please allow me to introduce you to Barrington.



Barrington offers 8192 squared meters of land, or a 64×128 size plot. Barrington comes with a ton of amenities as well offering access to The Blake of course and 2,812 prim for all of your needs. Currently Barrington is staged to show potential renters just what you could do with the space, and the photos speak for themselves. The land is well maintained and everything you see in the photos comes in at under 350 prim.

Excalibur offers the very best in customer service, with live 24/7 support. Our agents are always willing to go above and beyond for our clients. Excalibur Rentals is and always will be breedable friendly, offer you the cheapest prices on the grid and have a friendly as well as helpful staff. We at Excalibur Rentals do NOT sell themes, stuffy rules, regulations, or someone else’s idea of art. We are here to make our renters happy and help them get the home they dream of.

If you want to call Barrington your home, head over to The Excalibur Office or give Snow Alchemi in world a shout! As always guys and dolls, have an amazing day and stay safe!


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