Excalibur Rentals is HIRING

Hey guys and dolls. I wanted to let you all in on something. Excalibur Rentals is HIRING!!! That’s right, we’re looking for agents.


~>:WE’RE HIRING!!!:<~

Do you want to be part of one of the longest-running land-rental agencies on the grid?

We’re friendly and committed to customer-service. IM Fenris Ash or Snow Alchemi today for an application.


“I need this job for the money.”
Here’s a dose of reality: This job is about the passion for customer service.  Embrace that and you’ll get the money.  If you can sell *diet* ice to Inuit and have them ask what flavors you have, and you’ll get the money.  If you’re just here to stand in the office and milk the time clock, then don’t bother.  There are easier ways to get money in SL. You need a thick skin to work in the Customer Service industry. Sometimes, you get given a shit sandwich, and yeah, it has to be swallowed.  If that’s not for you, walk away.


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